Maureen Dixon
After growing up in Colorado, and living in Mexico and Oregon, Maureen was transplanted to Connecticut in 2009.  She spent some time in East Haven, but currently lives in Short Beach with her beagle Huckleberry and a cross-eyed cat named Peek-a-Boo.  Maureen insists that her animals are stringent in their etiquette: Huckleberry rings a bell to request to go outside and Peek-a-boo is not allowed to bring any decapitated rodents into the house.
Maureen enjoys (nearly) every minute of her chronic singlehood, but is currently interviewing eligible men in the greater Branford area to find the one who will stomp spiders, take out the garbage and open jars for her until "death do we part." Maureen has a passion for  sunflowers, shiny stuff, anything that jingles, high heels, poetry, coffee,  mittens,  music videos and vintage advertisements and is a self-proclaimed crossword puzzle addict.
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