Could Isaac Be Another Irene?

Still too early to tell, but weather folks are keeping an eye on a storm that may (or may not) be headed toward Connecticut.

Right around this time last year, we were all hearing about and how it could impact us in Connecticut.

Irene weakened to a tropical storm, but that didn't stop the storm from doing damage and knocking out power across the state.

Now, another I-storm is in the news. According to the WXEdge.com website, a potentially extreme weather pattern is brewing in the tropics and if it forms into a tropical storm, it will be called Isaac.

"The timing of this storm is right around the same time as Irene was just one year ago," Sam Kantrow said on the WXEdge website. "Some of the models take it to the south, and into the Gulf of Mexico, others take it northward to Florida, and others show it being a direct hit for Connecticut. There's also a chance it will be out to sea.

Steve MacLaughlin also discussed Isaac's potential of turning into something major, on the WXEdge website.

"That big storm has an 80% chance of turning into something tropical and would get the name Isaac," he said.

MacLaughlin said he can't say whether a repeat performance of last summer's extreme weather will occur.

"What we do know is this.... Labor Day Weekend could be interesting for some part of the United States," he said. "If this storm forms and behaves the way many storms do at this time of the year in that part of the world, our coastlines will need to be on-guard... much like last year."

SolarPete August 22, 2012 at 01:05 PM


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