Teacher Fired For More than Knife Incident, Report Indicates [PDF]

A report by the panel regarding the conduct of Branford High teacher Carolyn Lippolis details the grounds for her firing, which included at least 10 instances where her judgment did not meet “acceptable standards.”

Thousands of people have been invited to the protest for former Branford High School teacher Carolyn Lippolis, set for Dec. 17, hundreds are going but the Branford Board of Education maintains their decision to fire her on Nov. 27 is justified.

Patch has obtained a copy of the 17-page report from the BOE (attached), which features the findings of the three-person panel, two of which made the recommendation to fire the tenured Branford High School Social Studies teacher, Lippolis; one panel member dissented. The BOE voted unanimously to let the teacher go after receipt of the report, which included recounts of the knife incident that occured on Jan. 12, 2012, from three unnamed students, a special education paraprofessional Sandra Dane, and BHS Principal Lee Panagoulias. 

The report, compiled by the hearing panel of Laurie G. Cain, Esq., John M. Romanow, Esq., and Martin A. Gould, Esq., states, “The knife incident was the latest in a pattern of poor decision-making that has impacted students and interfered with the operation of the school. The teacher has demonstrated her unprofessional decision-making over many years.”

Still maintaining no comment to Patch, Superintendent Hamlet Hernandez stated in the report: “… if it was not the knife, it was another error or demonstration of gross misjudgment, I would have moved to terminate her.”

The report indicates that Lippolis, a full-time Branford teacher since 2001 has had issues with the administration since the 2002-2003 school year. “Since that time,” the report indicates, “she has received at least ten documented notices that her professional judgment did not meet acceptable standards and could subject her to discipline up to and including termination.”

However, based on the knife incident alone, the panel did not find that particular instance, grounds for termination. “Standing alone, the January 12 incident, which unprofessional and potentially dangerous and worthy of serious discipline, was insufficient for a recommendation of termination. The administration admits that the use of a knife as a prop was not determinative.”

However, the panel felt that the knife incident was the latest in a “pattern of poor decision-making.”

Instances of “poor judgment” used to support the majority of the panel's recommendation to fire Lippolis included: arriving late to class, resulting in students being left with inadequate supervision; providing students with nicknames, which resulted in ridicule from peers; writing on students' hands; showing an R-rated movie in study hall; failing to leave appropriate lesson plans for substitute teachers; submitting grades at least five days late, causing delay in issuing report cards for entire school; bringing her child to school; and leaving her duties unsupervised and class unattended.

The report states that Lippolis was placed on an improvement plan for the 2007-2008 school year, intensely supervised, taken off the plan and placed back on the plan during the 2008-2009 year.

While panel members Cain and Romanow felt Lippolis should be terminated, panel member Gould dissented. Based on the testimony from Dane, indicating that the knife, a kitchen item, 13-inches with an 8-inch blade, 1.5-inches across, was used as a prop, Gould said he found nothing “ominous” about Lippolis having the item in her class. Gould wrote: “Knives and other sharp and potentially dangerous objects are commonplace in the school.”

Gould added that while the students reported they felt threatened, he found the report that those same students were bragging about getting Lippolis fired indicated that parts of their stories were fabricated.

The outcome, Gould wrote: “is a sad commentary on the relationship of the Administration to its teachers that three students can orchestrate the firing of a teacher based upon statements of questionable veracity dealing with an obviously overblown incident.”

Lippolis maintains that she used the knife to show students the concept of branding as it relates to the Indian Caste system in her eighth-period social studies class. The use of the knife was not in her lesson plan, the report indicates, but used as a teachable moment. Dane maintains that Lippolis often used props for demonstration in class.

The report states that the concept of branding was not part of Lippolis’ lesson on the Hindu Caste system but rather was brought up when a student inquired about it. She used the knife to demonstrate branding in response to the student’s question, the report indicates.

The knife in discussion was brought into Lippolis’ class by a student from another area of the school and was kept there for several months according to the report. Knives are kept in four areas of the school the report states. Lippolis said the knife was kept in a locked safe in her closet, though the administration said it was found in an unlocked filed cabinet behind the teacher’s whiteboard, which was capable of being locked. At the time of finding the knife, it was dirty and not serrated, the report said.

Dane indicated that Lippolis held the knife about three inches from her body pointing up about two-feet in front of her for proximally two minutes. Student 1’s report indicated that Lippolis “threatened the class with a  knife… she screamed and yelled at us for about 10 minutes or so…” The student went on to say that the teacher was laughing and hit the students’ desk with the knife.” This student added that Lippolis used the knife to quiet a student but appeared to be joking. This student also indicated that Dane said the incident should have never happened and she was sorry that it did. Dane reported that she did not hear anything threatening from Lippolis.

Patch encourages readers to read the full panel report attached before commenting. 

SolarPete December 05, 2012 at 12:08 PM
sounds like three kids didn't like her and wanted her gone when I was younger many teachers came to class late, had names for us and did pretty much everything she had done There wre reasons for each one. Coming late to class can teach kids how coming late disrups class the name calling is expressing how kids hurt other kids in the same way. I really don't think she threaten anyone with the knife. the movie can be seen on cable Tv so they either see it in school or at home and the kids are suppose to be young adults. I think she might have made some bad choices but sounds more like she was expressing to the students how they are acting towards others with name calling etc. Kids now adays show little respect towards anyone as they call eachother names, threaten kids with a knife, watch porn on the computer, and I'm guessing her style of teaching isn't the closed minded kind all the other teaches teach The kid thing now that is wrong, but kids don't learn unless it is tossed back into their face with they way they are treating others
Fran McMullen December 05, 2012 at 02:39 PM
Maybe the BOE should listen to the students at Branford High School. Ms. Lippolis' class was one of the few my kids actually enjoyed, and one of very few teachers they admired.
concerned citizen December 05, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Are you serous? did ether of you read the report? Cell phones ringing in class inappropriate attire, Bulling students with mean nicknames as well as writing on students. Showing R rated moves in class! Failing to submit grades on time as well as not being able to call in absences, leaving class, bringing in her baby to work instead of daycare and not being able to even get to class on time. The rally should not be in support of her but against the administration for allowing this to go on for so long.
Christine Jones December 06, 2012 at 09:18 PM
I think you should get to know you facts!!!!Whoever you are above obviously don't know all what is going on!!!!!It's a bunch of bull!!!
Dr. Alfred C. Whitehead December 06, 2012 at 10:22 PM
"What is truth? asked Pontius Pilate. I also would like to know "the truth." I am unfamiliar with the teacher in question and would like more information as to why she should not be terminated from her job. If there is more to be heard.. then let it be told.
Arbie December 06, 2012 at 11:03 PM
This case is a classic witch hunt. Talk to the other students in the class not just the privileged 3 that had it in for her. Talk to students that go to BHS and they will tell you that what this teacher has done over the years is done also by others too. Bringing their kids in, cell phones, texting, falling behind on their work, etc. Very common place in our schools, even at WIS I'm told .
concerned citizen December 07, 2012 at 11:52 AM
Has any one even looked at the report? the only question should be how did Hernandez and the administration allow this to go on for so long? I am sure this is happening with other teachers though out the Branford school system but it does not mean that this or any issue should not be addressed.
concerned citizen December 07, 2012 at 11:52 AM
Mrs Jones you need to proof read your comments. also I do believe I have the facts,everything I stated was from the school report. If anything I left things out such as the knife incident
Christine Jones December 07, 2012 at 12:33 PM
I have the facts first hand!!Idon't need to read the facts I know them!things have been going on for years!!!It all started about maybe 8 years ago.Maybe someone should look at the principal a little better!!Also the superintendent!!It just seems a little bit funny that his nephew has Mrs.Lippolis's job.In her classroom!!!What a corrupt school system we have here in Branford!!!!
concerned citizen December 07, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Well Ms Jones I do agree with you that we have a poor superintendent and a horrible board that has only been able to weaken our schools in Branford. However this does not excuses Mrs Lippolis action over the years. it seems that the system gave her ample chances and a large amount of support to try to improve and if you would just take the time to read the report you will clearly see this. As far as who gets her job I would hope the board takes a hard stance on nepotism. I do doubt they will however. Again I don't feel this rally should be in support of a teacher with her record but against the board for allowing this and other sins to go on for so long
Arbie December 08, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Concerned Citizen, perhaps you should take the report for what it is. A biased report and a witch hunt. Anyone can write a report and slant it anyway they feel. Listen to what Ms. Jones is saying. Why base this report on three spoiled brats that were most likely prompted by their parents as to what to say? A nice trio of seniors we are sending off into the world. Hope they sleep well at night for what they conspired to say. God help us. Let the rest of the class and other students be heard. Three against how many? You do the math. I support the rally for the displaced teacher. This will be another costly law suit this town is going to loose and we the taxpayers will foot the bill.
concerned citizen December 08, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Arbie, please take five minutes and read the report. did you read my first post I did not even include the three students and Mrs Lippolis pulling out a knife. She should have been fired long before this happened.The three students and the people you feel that are on a witch hunt did not have her come in late to work every day. nor did they have her bring in her child to work instead of day care.. No one but Mrs. Lippolis is responsible for her cell phone ringing in class as well as bulling students, and Mrs Lippolis is the only person responsible for not having her work turned in on time. If this where to happen at any private company Mrs. Lippolis would have been fired long ago. Mrs. Lippolis could have stopped this at any time very simply by going to class on time having her lesson plans done on time basically by just doing her job!
Christine Jones December 08, 2012 at 12:51 PM
to the concerned citizen:What bothers me is that you are reading the report and going by what you read.You don't know what else's is going on.I know first hand!!!And let me tell you There's why to much more crap than the report!!!!
Arbie December 08, 2012 at 12:54 PM
All right Concerned Citizen, I'll respond this one last time. I read the report when it first came out. Ok, so what? I stand by what I previously stated. What she did is no different from what other teachers have and still do. Why single this one teacher out? Fire her, then fire all the others too. What is good for one is good for all. Anything less is a witch hunt. Are you one of those 3 parents or BOE?
concerned citizen December 08, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Mrs Jones I am going by what the report states because Mrs. Lippolos never once disputed any of the findings beyond the first step. Do you have knowledge that the other things in the report did not happen? Did Mrs Lippolos hand in all her assignments in on time keep a updated lesson plan got to work on time provide day care for her child? Was she a exemplary teacher who for no fault of her own was singled out and prosecuted for years yet did nothing about it? please tell us what part of the report is "crap" did the administration go to Mrs Lippolos house every school morning to make her late. perhaps they told her grades where not due. so please educate us all!
concerned citizen December 08, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Arbie No I am not one of the parents of the three children, nor did I have children in the Branford school system. I am not on the board or any other town position. I am only a tax pay in this town. "Mrs Lippolos was the only teacher not to hand in grades on time" she caused the whole system to have to mail out the report cards late. now I know you are most likely think so what no harm done but that is wrong she is getting paid to do a job and part of that job is turning in grades on time. I do agree if other teacher are not doing their jobs (I am sure there are but not all) then they should also be let go as well as members of the board. But you cannot allow Mrs Lippolos to continue because others are also doing a poor job. As I stated in my first post the rally should not be in support of Mrs Lippolos but against the board and administration for allowing it to go on for so long. Now I must ask scene you brought it up what is your relationship to Mrs Lippolos?
Christine Jones December 08, 2012 at 06:17 PM
i think you are lying concerned citizen!!!How would you know about the grades being late and causing the the report cards to come out late!!!Noone would know that unless you are a teacher or on the board or someone who works in the school.So stop trying to be a biased person commenting!!!You are stalking this sight to get information!!For All I know you can be the principal of the school or the superintendent.Why don't you tell us your name Mr. citizen!!!
concerned citizen December 08, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Mrs Jones I assure you I have nothing to do with the school system. Thank you for proving my point, you have not read the report all the information I have I got from the report. the link is on the top right of this web site just click on the pdfs. Take five minutes and read it heck take 10 and read it twice. I challenge you, read it with a open mind and after ask yourself is this a person I would employ? Would you pay a person your hard earned money who has this work ethic to work for you? That is exactly what you and every other citizen of Branford is doing by the way of taxes. Every day Mrs. Lippolose came to work late every time she neglect her job every time she left her class early, she stole from each and every tax payer. I know she is not the first to do this and unfortunately she will not be the last however this does not excuse her action. To have a rally to support her is ridicules if anything there should be a rally to pressure the superintendent and the board to use this to take a harder look at all teacher who abuse the systems. it also should be a start for the votes in town to take a hard look at our school board!
Arbie December 09, 2012 at 04:14 AM
C.C. You said it yourself you have nothing to do with the BOE & the town government, etc. Further more you do not have any students in the system. I do and I have friends that do, so yes I know what is going on. And I have a very strong feeling from her comments that Ms. Jones is very very close to the situation as well. The problems in town stem from people such as yourself that take "reports" and what the government administrators tell you as complete fact like a herd of sheep. You read it one way, I read it another as a "cover your butt report before the law suit is filed". As a concerned taxpayer that you claim to be, you should be very concerned that some of your tax dollars will be lost if this teacher brings suit and wins. Demand accountability from your town government and have all the facts brought to light and hear from all witness' not just the chosen 3.
jq December 11, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Concerned Citizen you sound like that crazy guy who drives around Branford complaining about the town admistration


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