Protest for Carolyn Lippolis Organized For Today, Jan. 10

After being re-scheduled twice, the protest in support of the BHS teacher who was fired in connection to the knife incident, will be held at BHS today from noon to 5 p.m.

After re-organizing the protest to support former Branford High School teacher Carolyn Lippolis two times, it looks as if the protest will go on as planned today at Branford High School from noon to 5 p.m.

Lippolis, a former Branford High school teacher, was fired by the Branford Board of Education this past November after the majority of a three-person panel deemed her actions over several years, culminating with the use of a knife in the classroom, grounds for separation.

Below is a timeline of the circumstances surrounding Lippolis’ firing for those seeking more information.

On their Facebook page, the protest organizers maintain that the event should be peaceful. “We want to make this VERY CLEAR, this is a civilized peaceful protest, meaning don't act out and start being violent/destructive. For that will fall back upon Myself and others who are involved on the making this protest happen,” wrote organizer Ryan Cosgrove.

There are eight organizers listed on the event including Lippolis.

Those interested in attending are encouraged to park at the Town Green and walk to the high school.

In a past interview, Branford Schools Superintendent Hamlet Hernandez said his department was aware of the protest and he was confident those organizing it would obey the policy of non-violence and refrain from disturbing the peace. 

In response to a comment on the event on Facebook that the protest would not get Lippolis her job back Cosgrove responded: “The meaning of this Protest is not to change the Boards decision. Its to show them that they made a huge mistake and that their view of Mrs. Carolyn Lippolis is way off. She has helped hundreds of students by not only teaching them history facts but by teaching them life values. She has inspired many to be themselves and to not worry about others being judgmental. She was and still is a great teacher. The fact is, justice wasn't served for this amazing individual." 

Will you be attending the protest today? Do you think justice was served?

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