Murphy School Roof Replacement Behind Schedule

The replacement of the elementary school roof will inevitably run into the start of school; concerns are noise and odor.

The good news is that two of Branford’s elementary schools will have new roofs this year; the bad news is that students will be heading back before construction wraps up for one of them.

Last week at the meeting, delivered the summer facilities work report noting many finished projects (see below) but regretted to inform the BOE members and those in the audience that ’s roof was yet to be completed. In fact, as of Wednesday, the roof replacement hadn’t even been started. The finishing touches were being made to 's roof, which will be completed, with construction materials removed from site, before the start of school. 

“Because of the weather pattern this summer, the roof replacement at Tisko has been delayed and the impact of that is that Murphy is even further delayed,” he said.

“Although I’d like to control many things as the superintendent of schools, the thing I would like to control the most is the weather and that is what I have the least control over,” he said. “Since my tenure here, weather has been a true thorn in my side from day one.”

Roof replacement for the flat part of Murphy School began Friday, Aug 17. Hernandez said, barring no major weather setbacks, the replacement should be complete in four weeks. ’s roof was completed in five weeks. Students head .

Hernandez said he would be checking with to ensure that materials used during construction did not pose any issues for students. The main concerns, he stated, could be noise and odor. He said they would be considering having construction workers complete the replacement on an adjusted work schedule as not to interrupt continuity of learning.

“The good news is that the roofs will be put on there, but I am very concerned relative to the start of the school, the construction that may occur there. That’s a critical time for students to get into good routines,” he said.

ESDHD Assistant Director Alex Cinotti said he spoke to Mark Deming, Branford public schools facilities director, yesterday. Cinotti said in an e-mail, "Once school starts, work will occur only at night so that students and staff can avoid the fumes that are normally associated with this kind of project. The work process appears to be going well and no significant odors were noted during my time on-site."

According to the Connecticut Department of Health, the fumes associated with typical school re-roofing projects can cause adverse health affects; Branford, however, will be following guidelines to ensure student and staff safety and has adjusted the work schedule to ensure the most is done to reduce any health risks. See the state department of health fact sheet attached. 

Funding for the two school roofs comes from a $2 million bond – which was included in that bond measure, was lopped off this spring. During budget season, with expertise of Schools’ Facility Director Mark Deming advising, about $1,875,000 bonded for the roof replacements was transferred from FY2012-14 to FY2012-13 to complete the roofs this summer. Back during budget season, Deming explained that although the school roofs were renovated in 1991, the warranty on the elementary school roofs expired in 2001. The new roofs are being equipped with surface that should last longer than the previous roofs, Deming said back during the spring.

Other Summer Projects Completed: 

An underground septic system has been located and evacuated. The building plumbing has been tied into the public sewer. With the work, an additional six parking spots have been created; BOE said this is good because pre-school, which debuts this year, will be operated out of Indian Neck School creating a need for additional parking spots.

Asbestos abatement has been completed in wing A of Branford High School. The BOE believes the school is nearing the end of asbestos tile replacement.

Doors have been replaced in the athletic wing of Branford High School.

Outdoors at Branford High School, bricks have been re-pointed and a dead tree removed from landscaping.

Energy conservation at Francis Walsh Intermediate School is complete; the entire school and parking lot are now equipped with LED lights, which provides a 50 to 75 percent savings.

A water fountain was installed on the John B. Sliney School playground.

SolarPete August 22, 2012 at 01:04 PM
not to worry if the new storn follows it path north it should help remoe what ever u installed http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCDAT4+shtml/220851.shtml


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