Kindergarteners Meet with Local Author Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The kindergarteners from Jerome Harrison School went to the library for a field trip yesterday and were treated to a visit with Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.

Kindergarteners from  visited North Branford's libraries on a field trip on May 3 with the morning kindergarten classes heading to the and the afternoon classes going to the  through the All-Star Readers program. This reading initiative was sponsored by the North Branford Education Foundation and the North Branford Rotary Club. 

Students got a first-hand lesson about children's books as local author Nancy Elizabeth Wallace shared her newest book, Pond Walk, with them.

"All-Star Readers is encouraging children to read," said Wallace. "The kids are spontaneous, they're unafraid to be creative, and joyful. I've been writing books for many years and it's a joy to be part of this program."

Wallace also showed them how she pieces paper together to create the artwork for her books. She and the librarians then led a craft for the students, using the same paper-piecing technique, as they created self portraits showing where they liked to read.

The students will have plenty of options for reading material as they have been encouraged to visit the library prior to the field trip to sign up for library cards. Those students who have done so prior to the visit got an extra-special treat with a personalized, autographed copy of Pond Walk in their book bags. Those who haven't signed up yet can fill out the form to receive their copies.

"All-Star Readers celebrates the culmination of them getting their library card, getting a book bag and visiting the library five times," said Debbie Verrillo, the children's librarian who heads the program. "They're very excited about it and having a great time."


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