Aida: Jarrett Levesh, A Well-Rounded Guy, Takes the Stage

Get to know an all-around great guy and asset to his school, the BHS stage and the Hornets' football team.

They say you can’t have it all but looks like senior Jarrett Levesh just might. He’s a member of the Branford High School Performing Arts, a varsity football player, a varsity track and field participant, an honor-roll student/CAPT Scholar, and was even voted most caring in his senior class.

Levesh is outgoing and full of smiles and will take on the lead role of the Pharaoh in the spring musical, , which opens this week.

Performing the past three years in spring musicals, Levesh has done ensemble roles in 2009’s Pirates of Penzance and 2010’s On The Town. For last year’s , Levesh played the part of Passarino.

When he graduates this year, Levesh will choose between more than one half-dozen schools where he has been accepted. 

Get to know Levesh before opening night:

Branford Patch: Congratulations on your hard work through the years on the BHS stage. Do you have plans to continue performance after graduation?
Jarrett Levesh: 
I have applied to many schools with great performing arts programs. I do not plan to major or minor in this but I would enjoy doing it as a hobby!

Branford Patch: How are you dealing with the fact that Aida will be your last time on the BHS stage?
Jarrett Levesh: 
It makes me sad for many reasons. I love being able to act and sing and participate in these musicals. I will greatly miss working with R [Cathyann Roding] and C [Tony Cartisano] and most importantly, I am going to miss all of the awesome people I have met through this program.

Branford Patch: If you had to offer one small piece of advice to aspiring young actors hoping to head to the stage what would it be?
Jarrett Levesh: 
Never give up. Keep your head held high and keep going.

Branford Patch: Can you pick one defining moment of your BHS stage career and tell readers a little about it?
Jarrett Levesh:
There's so many, but on defining moment of mine would really be my sophomore year as a whole. I was really able to find my mold and become friends with some amazing people including my fellow leads who will join me on the stage this year.

Branford Patch: You’re gearing up to play the Pharaoh, father of Amneris and King of Egypt. Can you tell readers more about your character?
Jarrett Levesh: 
He is the head of all of Egypt – a god almost. He is friends with Zoser, but little does he know, Zoser is planning to kill him so that his son, Radames can take the throne. Every day The Pharaoh gets weaker and weaker but he needs to not show this to his people and try to stay strong and lead his country.

Branford Patch: We know you also played football in addition to acting. How does your time on the gridiron compare to your time on the BHS stage?
Jarrett Levesh: 
Truthfully they are just two greatly different experiences, which have helped shape me into the man I am today. I have played football for ten years now and I have been acting for around six. Both groups give great chances to really bond with your classmates, teammates and fellow actors. And they teach you to be independent and a leader but also to follow when needed. They were both just amazing times that I will not soon forget.

Branford Patch: What has been the hardest obstacle to surmount while performing?
Jarrett Levesh: 
I would say there are two hard obstacles for myself. The first one was memorizing lines as a performer. Whether they were lines as a lead or even lines in a song as ensemble, it can be very difficult to remember them all. And secondly It can be hard to get over the stage fright, there are hundreds of people watching you. But you come to love and enjoy it.

Branford Patch: In a few words, why should people come out to this show?
Jarrett Levesh: 
This show is different, full of excitement, adventure, love, and a variety of music that will blow the crowds mind.


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