Robert D.Hoff - A stroll in the park?

Robert D.Hoff putting people before politics.

As you will remember on December 21st I contacted Robert Parente about the condition of Michael Street Park here is our brief Facebook conversation:

December 21, 2012




Robert D. Hoff


Bob, I tried to reach you at Public works all I got was an answering machine. I would like to discuss the current condition of the Michael Street Park with you. ...

December 22, 2012




Bob Parente Please call me on my personal cell # 203-xxx-xxxx I would to address your concerns. Thanks , Bobby!


On December 28th Mr Poulton posted the following here on Patch:

Richard Poulton

1:50 pm 

Friday, December 28, 2012

I hope this doesn't open a "can of worms" but it further relates to the credibility of Mr. Hoff. Last week he posted a story about the condition of a town park at the end of his street. Park never cleaned, graffiti sprayed on benches, etc, etc.. He then complained that Mr. Parente, newly appointed supervisor of PW and a sitting TC member, failed to meet with him to show the condition of the park.

We all could see through him and the real motive in writing the article. I did some digging myself and an extremely reliable source told me the following.Mr. Parente did show up to view the park and as well took pictures.


Today being January 9th, I went up to the park to see what had been accomplished to make the Park a safe place for residents to enjoy the walking path and children to have a safe place to play in and yes I took my trusty camera with me and unlike the alleged pictures that Mr Poulton states that Mr Parente took of the condition of the park I have included pictures that were taken this morning weeks after speaking with Mr Parente.


  For those who are familiar with the park unlike Mr Poulton who stated: "What Mr. Hoff failed to tell the readers and again related to me by the very reliable source, is that he himself sprayed painted the benches in an attempt to cover graffiti, which in its self caused further layers of paint to be covered. In otherwords, he defaced town property, falling under the criminal mischief statutes."

You see readers the funny thing about that accussation is that there is not now nor has there ever been to the best of my knowledge any benches in the Michael Street Park and our family has had a house on the street for over twenty years.

The Children,Seniors and Families of Foxon deserve better then the Town and the Public Works department under it's new supervisior has delivered.

I will as they say let the pictures that I took this morning do the talking as they say pictures speak 1000 words.

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Flowers January 10, 2013 at 12:11 AM
I would not want young children to visit the park in this condition. They are exposed to debris which mars the park experience and implies that it is somehow OK to dispose of trash here. Further I don't want them exposed to scrawled profanity that I am not ready to explain to them and which offends me. Public works /or anyone for that matter, should be able to fix all of the cited issues in about 30 minutes. I know PW has obliterated graffiti on the Greenway Trail at least twice in the last few months. They know how to do it and they do a good job of it. Keep up the good work Mr Hoff. Paint over the graffiti. We should not have to be repeatedly exposed to this language while waiting for PW to get around to cleaning it up.
CitizenVoice January 10, 2013 at 05:21 PM
Thanks, Mr. Hoff, for bringing this to the PW attention. I have small children and we don't live very far from this park. However, I would never let them go there because of exactly what you posted in your pictures. Unfortunately, this isn't the only park in town that is deteriorating. We have to travel to North Haven to get the kids to a decent park. Also, you are not alone in the frustrating attempts to reach PW.
CitizenVoice, Your welcome..I will continue to work on this issue as your children and the seniors and families who live around the area truly do deserve a safe,clean place to play and enjoy.
leothelion@aol.com January 12, 2013 at 03:06 AM
Anyone notice that McCann was right. If you ignore the twerp he gets no comments. Are these Hoff's only 3 friends? Robert what will you do when the Dems won't want you the Reps wouldn't want you or the Independents won't want you either. Will you run as a petition candidate? What a joke...
Leo, One of the great things about America is everyone is entitled to their opinion and at the sametime entilted to be equally as wrong as they are right. Time will tell what side your opinion is on however,..I will continue to strive to work for a better quality of life for East Haven Residents remaining positive and focused placing the needs of East Haven families first and foremost.


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