Fasano Fails Political Courage Test!!

Political Fact

Just when I thought I was out you guys go and drag me back in!

I thought I was done with blogging but after getting some very nice comments from unexpected sources I'm Back. So Sit back,buckle up and hold on tight because it's going to be one heck of a thrill ride this time around.

Where to Start,....Oh I know let's start with just who is contributing to the campaign of Senator Fasano including those here on Patch that feel they need to take a protectionism stance to protect their much vaunted Senator.

So without further adieu let's take a look at the list from VoteSmart and you'll be surprised to see just who is aligning themselves with the Senator and yes it's many of the same people who have called other posters here on Patch Cowards and made fun of the disabled:


Top Contributors

CIARLEGLIO, ANTONIETTA $100.00 MOORE, TAYLOR $100.00 DECHELLO, ANTHONY R $100.00 PARENTE, ROBERT $100.00 PORTO, CARL M $100.00 DOHENY, TIMOTY $100.00 FASANO, CAMILLE $100.00 SGRIGNARI, LARRY $100.00- Anyone remember a fake protection order posted against me by a certain LS1? ANASTASIO, KEVIN $100.00 GALATI, DOMINIC $100.00 CASELLA, NICOLA $100.00 MASSARO, CAROL N $100.00 DELEONE, JOSEPH $100.00 ACERRA, SUZANE $100.00 FLANAGAN, MATTHEW $100.00 LAURELLO, ALEXANDRA $100.00 DENINO, JOHN $100.00 SPOSE, DONNA M $100.00 VIGLIOTTI, ALEX $100.00 GAVIN, JONATHAN $100.00 BROWN, JOSHUA H $100.00 LAURELLO, LINDA $100.00 RAGAINI, RAYMOND P $100.00 BUCKLEY, JOHN $100.00 CHRISTONI, JOSEPH $100.00 AMORE, DARRIN $100.00 DESORBO, ARTHUR $100.00 PORTO, CARL $100.00 ANASTASIO, BARBARA ANN $100.00 TRISTING, DAVID P $100.00 WARDEN, ROSE ANN $100.00 CONNOLLY, JOSEPH $100.00 MULLIGAN, MARY JANE $100.00 DECHELLO, DONNA M $100.00 FLANAGAN, LISA $100.00 BIXON, MARION $100.00 HENNESSEY, LINDA C $100.00 CAWLEY, LISA GALATI $100.00 COCCHIOLA, CARMEN $100.00 MAZZARELLA, ANGELA ROSE $100.00 BEARMONT, ROBERT N $100.00 GAVIN, BARBARA $100.00 LAURELLO, KRISTI $100.00 MCMANUS, VINCENT T $100.00 CRISCUOLO, SHARON $100.00 DENNIS, KATHY ANN $100.00 FINELLI, SAVERIO $100.00 GAVIN, NORMAN $100.00 LEE, TIMOTHY J $100.00 - Attorney From Senator Fasano's Office involved in Advocating against FoxoN Residents on Behalf of Oakledge Properties in Quarry that devastated many. COLLETTE, MELISSA $100.00 FINKLE, JOHN $100.00 AMORE, ANNAMARIE $100.00 GLIDDEN, MICHAEL $100.00 CIANELLI, PETER T $100.00-Quick To protect The Mayor and Senator Fasano it appears he is coughing up the cash to align himself with Senator Fasano while insulting other posters and seeking to discredit others here on Patch. DESORBO, ANN LOUISE $100.00 POLINER, ROBERT S $100.00 ANASTASIO, ANDREW $100.00 TRISTINE, DANIELA G $100.00 WARD-OBRIEN, DEBORAH $100.00 CARBO, PAUL L $100.00-Mayor Maturo Former Campaign Manager and Current Town Council Member/. KOLB, FRANK J $100.00 CONNOLLY, BARBARA R $100.00 MULLIGAN, CHRISTINE $100.00 PORTO, JOSEPH $100.00 GALATI, MARY $100.00 BIXON, HARVEY C $100.00 WIEDENMANN, ROBERT G $100.00 MATURO, JOSEPH $100.00 - WOW The Taco Mayor Donates to Senator Fasano?...Makes one wonder what Senator Fasano's stance is on Immigration and the Civil rights of others? CRISCI, LOUIS A $100.00 -Republican Town Committee Chairman PRETE, DOMINIC $100.00 FASANO, LEONARD A $100.00 FLANAGEN, CHARLES $100.00 BAIRD, KAREN L $100.00 LAURELLO, CLEM $100.00 CRISCUOLO, ROBERT $100.00 RACCIO, DEBORAH $100.00 SR, ANDREW ANASTASIO, $100.00 BEDON, JOSE A $100.00 VIGLIOTTI, FRANK $100.00 GAVIN, LORENE $100.00 LAZAROFF, LAWRENCE $100.00 SANCHEZ, JESENIA $100.00 FINKLE, CATHY $100.00 AMATO, MICHAEL $100.00 DILUNGO, JOSEPHINE $100.00 FARRELL, JAMES N $100.00 DIGIOIA, MARIO $80.00 COMFORTE, GINO $50.00 DICARLO, JAMES X $50.00 RICHARDSON, WILLIAM $50.00- Currently sits on Town Council FISHBEIN, NORMAN $50.00 WHITE, DAVID $50.00 LABRIOLA, JERRY $50.00 LANDOW, ELIZABETH $50.00 CLARK, DONALD F $50.00 PAYETTE, JEAN C $50.00 PRENTICE, ROBERT $50.00 DOYLE, KRISTEN $50.00 ASID, MARLENE L $50.00

About The Political Courage Test:


Measures each candidate's willingness to provide citizens with their positions on key issues. Most candidates, fearing their opponents might use their positions in attack ads, refuse or only respond to a few questions that their consultants stamp as safe.  Each candidate is repeatedly confronted with these issue questions by Vote Smart, national media and political leaders of both major parties.      


    "Len Fasano refused to tell citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2012 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders."


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Mr. Cianelli, My Mother is deceased and I would appreciatte it if you refrain from bringing my "Momma" into this or any other conversations on Patch. Have a nice day
Richard Poulton October 19, 2012 at 06:43 PM
He was happy for you didn't put him in a corner and made him feel threatened and trapped by your stature.
Richard Poulton October 19, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Here it is 7:00 PM, must be past his ( Hoff's) bed time. Must have taken his pills and went to sleep.
Rosie October 19, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Mr. Poulton, you should know by now that Hoffy never responds when he has been proven wrong. He stopped responding to my questions because I make him look like the foolish, system robbing little fake that he is. Just a matter of time before he stops responding to you as well.
Richard Poulton October 20, 2012 at 01:36 PM
Rosie you are correct. Hoff is very good at writing blogs or making comments that are filled with innuendo's, mis-leading statements, makes false accusations, etc. etc. But when corrected or shown real truths as in this blog trying to show Fasano failed at something, he never says he made a mistake, I'm sorry, or my information was wrong. He just disappears.


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