Upcoming Public Works Department Important Events

As the Public Works Department finished their quest for a new home, here’s how you can get involved and keep up with unfolding events and decisions.

The town has recently released the Public Works Building Committee Feasibility Study online. The study includes assessment of the current temporary home of the Public Works Department at the rented space, 137 N. Branford Road, as well their review of several parcels for a new facility and finally their Matrix results analyzing the top two new sites, Tabor Drive and North East Industrial Road. You can download the feasibility study attached as a PDF to this story or look at it on the Town’s website.

The Public Works Building Committee has chosen the Tabor Drive site, which scored a 53 on the Matrix compared to North East Industrial Road which scored 44 (without acquisition costs) but is still considering other parcels after discussion from the community spurred further evaluation.

In the upcoming weeks, here’s a timeline of what will be happening regarding the future home of the facility. If you would like to see past stories on the Public Works Department, please head over to the Patch Branford Public Works Department topic page


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