Sandy@Madison, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012: CL&P Response "Abysmal," First Selectman Says

"Not only were insufficient resources sent to Madison, but those that were here were mismanaged, in that repairs in a particular area were not completed. Overall, their recent performance has been abysmal."


As of 9:20p.m., more than 1,400 customers were still without power in Madison, leaving some feeling nervous about how to cope with the cold.

One reader, Tessa, posted a comment on a story, saying that she and her three year old were "freezing" and running their car in their driveway to keep warm on Saturday.

We let her know that the town's senior center on Bradley Road off of Route 79 was available. We also got this response from our town librarian Beth Crowley, "Tessa the Library is also open today from 9-5 and we have computers and toys to entertain your little one. And of course books to read together. Bring any devices you would like to charge and we have free wifi."

When Madison Patch readers saw that on Facebook, Dena McClintic Thelen wrote "My husband and I have more then enough room. Please let Tessa know she is more then welcome to stay at our home until she regains power. We also have a generator available with a room heater. Best, Scott and Dena."

And, from Michael Hafford, the owner of The Scranton Seahorse Inn, "The Scranton Seahorse Inn has a free room for her until her power is restored."

A third reader sent an email offering her home to people in need. "our home has plenty of room...If you know someone ...family that needs a little refuge from the stress. we have two guest rooms waiting..ready to go & toys and games for kids."

There also is a Red Cross Regional Shelter at the John Winthrop Middle School at 1 Winthrop Drive off of Route 80 in Deep River. The town is opening the Senior Center to anyone of any age, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday. The Senior Center has rooms with big comfortable chairs where residents can read or watch television, a big cafe, and a billiards room.


Anna Perry shared this "easy way to help," from her friend  Linda Reason:

Hi. I am a postpartum doula here on the Ct Shoreline. I will be collecting infant/baby/child related items to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Clothing, diapers, baby food, etc. I will pick up at your home or you can drop off at my house in Branford, 67 Flat Rock Road. Call me at 203.671.5528 or email me at alovingtouchdoula@gmail.com or leave in front if my garage.
Share this info with everybody you know. Now is the time to clean out those drawers and closets and get rid of everything that no longer fits your child/children.... Thank you, Linda Frankenberger Reason  

Anna Perry says winter clothes and premade formula is best, hats, coats, gloves,etc. Infant to adolescent.

As of 5:35pm


This is your First Selectman, Fillmore McPherson, with the Hurricane Sandy update for Saturday, November 3rd.

Regrettably, I have to relate what many of you already know.

After good progress on Thursday, CL&P failed to make meaningful improvements on Friday.

The percentage of customers with power only improved from 58% to 63% as of last midnight.

Not only were insufficient resources sent to Madison, but those that were here were mis-managed, in that repairs in a particular area were not completed. Overall, their recent performance has been abysmal.

As of right now, 73% have power, with the outages scattered all over town, from the water to Durham and from Guilford to Clinton and Killingworth.  On behalf of the one quarter of you who are still without power, I have made these views frankly known to the Senior Vice President and President of CL&P.

On other matters, the Madison Senior Center on Bradley Road will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to10pm as a warming and charging station for citizens of all ages.  Wi-fi is available in many rooms.  Bus service will be available for those seniors who are unable to drive.

Showers are available at the Town Gym from 8 to 12 this weekend, and also at the YMCA in Westbrook.  Bring your own soap and towels.

With the approach of colder weather, you may wish to move to the Red Cross Regional Shelter at the John Winthrop Middle School at 1 Winthrop Drive off of Route 80 in Deep River.  This is where you should go to spend the night.  If you know someone in need, please encourage them to move.

If you have sustained damage to your property, please register with FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or www.disasterassistance.gov.

The Town Bulky Waste Site is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm every day through next Friday.  This is where you should bring debris from your yard.  Do not pile it beside the road or in storm drains.

That’s it for now.  Keep warm and goodbye.


On the Madison Patch Facebook page, many residents voiced similar frustration. While supporting the efforts of the line crews, they took issue with CL&P management.

Scott Gyllensten "The crews and linemen are great, it is the corporate management and their consistent mismanagement of resources to maximize profit that is the problem. This is what happens when for profit enterprises hold a monopoly. They understaff the number of linemen to help the bottom line."

Lucia Lombardi Borzillo "Still no power ... VERY COLD! Does CL&P care???? Doesn't seem so!"

Pem McNerney November 04, 2012 at 01:24 PM
JH, good point. DVL, glad you did that!
Pem McNerney November 04, 2012 at 01:25 PM
The best, and most productive, organizations I've worked with have empowered their front line workers to make decisions as close to the customer as possible.
CCL November 04, 2012 at 05:33 PM
I think everyone needs to be reminded that people have been surviving without electricity for many thousands of years! Stop complaining about who's fault it is - it was a huge storm for crying out loud! If you need food or warmth accept the help that is plentiful around here. And stop acting like it's the end of the world. We were not the worst hit area but you would think by all the drama that we were! Power is not a right, it is a luxury...need vs greed.
DisgruntledInClinton November 04, 2012 at 08:36 PM
I am concerned that my friend on Harbor Avenue still has no power and CL&P "can't figure out why"... lots of older people on that street. It's getting colder at night... Anybody have any info or updates?
Die Hard November 04, 2012 at 08:42 PM
They dont restore power based on age


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