Sandy@Madison, Nov. 4, 2012: How To Help. School Monday. Vote Tuesday. 59 Left Without Power At 6pm.

"In closing, this has been a difficult event, but no one in Madison lost their life and I am not aware of any significant injury. Thank you for your efforts in pulling together to weather the crisis."


As of 6:40 p.m. Sunday, there were 65 customers still without power, of a total of 9,056 around town, or 0.65 percent of customers, CL&P says.

Here are the numbers for all CL&P customers statewide

Total CL&P Customers Served:

Total CL&P Customers Reported Affected:

% of CL&P Customers Reported Affected:

How to help:

From Kaitlin McDermott on Twitter: 

"Please help McDermott Auto Group support those affected by Hurricane Sandy! Tomorrow, November 5th, we begin a coat, canned food and diaper drop off. As temperatures approach freezing, our neighbors in town and throughout the Tri-state area need our assistance! Please bring your donated goods to the reception desk at either Lexus or Chevrolet, 7 days a week at 655 Main Street, East Haven, Connecticut. You can also donate money to www.redcross.org/Hurricane_Aid. Thank you!"


And from Anna Perry on Twitter:

"An easy way to help. From my friend Linda Reason:

Hi. I am a postpartum doula here on the Ct Shoreline. I will be collecting infant/baby/child related items to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Clothing, diapers, baby food, etc. I will pick up at your home or you can drop off at my house in Branford, 67 Flat Rock Road. Call me at 203.671.5528 or email me at alovingtouchdoula@gmail.com or leave in front if my garage.
Share this info with everybody you know. Now is the time to clean out those drawers and closets and get rid of everything that no longer fits your child/children.... Thank you, Linda Frankenberger Reason

Schools open, ready to vote Tuesday

From Town of Madison, CT ‏@Madison911 on Twitter: "All schools have power and are ready to open tomorrow. All polling places are ready for Tuesday."

From Metro-North:

Train service will resume on the Wassaic Branch on the Harlem Line, as well as the Danbury and Waterbury Branches on the New Haven Line, starting Monday, Nov. 5. On the New Canaan Branch, busing will be in effect; buses will operate 15 minutes before train schedule times. The Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry and Newburgh-Beacon Ferry services are also expected to resume on Monday, Nov. 5. For schedules and more information, visit www.mta.info

Metro-North is honoring October Monthly Tickets until close of business day Monday, November 5th. Customers must purchase their November monthly tickets on or before Tuesday November 6th for travel thereafter.

As of 1:21 p.m.

Good afternoon.

This is your First Selectman Fillmore McPherson with the final update on Hurricane Sandy. As of now, Sunday afternoon, CL&P has made significant progress so that 96% percent of you have power.

There are still a few pockets which they are working on. We appreciate their efforts over the last 24 hours.

For some of you whose power has been restored, they may have to interrupt the flow for a short time as they perform some switching functions. If your outage lasts longer than 15 minutes, or if you are among the 4% without power, I suggest you call the CL&P trouble line, 1-800-286-2000 to confirm your outage.

This is the only number you should use. If you were given another number via the rumor mill, you should disregard it and call 1-800-286-2000.

In closing, this has been a difficult event, but no one in Madison lost their life and I am not aware of any significant injury. Thank you for your efforts in pulling together to weather the crisis. Goodbye.

From CL&P:

Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) employees and utility responders from across the country and Canada continue to make significant progress in responding to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Power has been restored to more than 785,000 CL&P customers so far, and 97 percent of CL&P customers now have power.  All efforts are now focused on the approximately 43,000 customers who remain without power.

“Today’s efforts have been concentrated in the communities hardest hit by Sandy’s high winds and flooding,” said Bill Quinlan, CL&P Senior Vice President of Emergency Preparedness. “Many large area outages have been restored, and crews are diligently working to restore all customers.  In some areas, this effort requires that entire sections of the electric distribution system be rebuilt from scratch.”

With Election Day quickly approaching, CL&P continues to closely coordinate with the Secretary of the State's office to restore power to polling places.

Restoration estimates by town are available online at www.cl-p.com.  As crews are dispatched to make specific repairs, the estimated restoration times for those repairs will be updated under the “My Outage Status” link online and at 800-286-2000.

Homes or businesses that have experienced flooding or other storm related damage may need to be inspected by local building officials before CL&P can safely restore power to these structures. Customers whose homes or businesses have sustained damage of this nature should contact their local building inspector as soon as possible.  

As CL&P works to rebuild and reenergize the electric system, customers are reminded to continue to treat all downed wires – and tree limbs that are in contact with wires – as live, and should stay at least 10 feet away.


Treasury and IRS Expand Availability of Housing
for Hurricane Sandy Victims

IR-2012-86, Nov. 4, 2012

WASHINGTON — As part of the administration’s continued support for states and local partners impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service today announced that they will waive low-income housing tax credit rules that prohibit owners of low-income housing from providing housing to victims of Hurricane Sandy who do not qualify as low-income. The action will expand the availability of housing for disaster victims and their families.

Because of the widespread devastation to housing caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Treasury Department and the IRS will temporarily suspend income limitation requirements and non-transient requirements for qualified low-income housing projects that provide housing to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The President has declared that major disasters exist in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, making federal funding available to affected individuals in designated counties through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster. FEMA has also approved Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) in New York and New Jersey for eligible disaster survivors who have a continuing need for shelter because they are unable to return to their homes for an extended period of time. Individuals and business owners who sustained losses can apply for assistance from FEMA by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) via mobile device at m.fema.gov, or online at www.disasterassistance.gov.

Die Hard November 05, 2012 at 12:03 AM
" As CL&P works to rebuild and reenergize the electric system, customers are reminded to continue to treat all downed wires – and tree limbs that are in contact with wires – as live, and should stay at least 10 feet away." Is Chief Drumm aware of this?
Pem McNerney November 05, 2012 at 12:47 AM
Sure he does. And he knew this: that he and other emergency management officials asked for a CL&P line worker to go out with town crews who were ready to clear trees creating dangerous situations on town roads ... the CL&P local rep could not provide one or say when one might be provided, several days into the recovery effort, and with more than 90 problem spots left in town on a list of more than 150 submitted. And now he knows this, that he and his crew removed some immediate public safety hazards, with no injuries to anyone involved.
James Hellman November 07, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Towns could consider establishing preemptive tree pruning programs. Establish profiles for 'at risk trees' (age, proximity to power lines, etc.) and take them down before they fall. All trees fall eventually, anyway. Trunks with any value could be sold for additional revenue to town's coffers or used for heating.


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