RTM Meeting to Host Citizen Concerns

Open space, both the desire for and the desire to have less, will be heard at tonight's RTM meeting.

Tonight Branford's will hear from concerned parents regarding a request to have better at . Nichole Cipriano, the parent behind the 100-signature petition being presented to the RTM tonight, said via phone today that she's concerned for the students at the middle school and the learning environment there. 

While Cipriano hopes for less open space, another Branford resident is also presenting his neighborhood-signed letter of support for the RTM to accpet more than 7 acres of open space off of Ivy Street. 

One Man’s Quest for Open Space

Tonight before Branford full RTM, an Ivy Street resident, will be imploring the town’s governing body to accept about downtown.

The property which is accessed via Hillside Avenue and boarders Cedar Street, North Main Street and Ivy Street, was gifted to the town by Branford developer Alex Vigliotti of Vigliotti Construction. Vigliotti has plans to develop three senior housing complexes called Founder’s Village on the property behind Rose Hill Apartments but below the open space. The Branford Land Trust will manage the property with Parks & Open Space overseeing maintenance of it.

There are some notions that this property could have possible contamination and the RTM may not accept the parcels tonight.

Parents Rally Against Too Much Open Space

PTA president Nichole Cipriano will be presenting a petition signed by 100 Francis Walsh Intermediate School parents imploring the RTM to look into the overall student welfare at the middle school given the lack of sound proofing and walls.

Bill Horne March 15, 2012 at 01:37 PM
I'd like to clarify the roles of Branford Land Trust and the Town, specifically the Parks & Open Space Authority, regarding the 7-acre open space property associated with the Founders Village development. The only formal role of the Land Trust will be to oversee the use of the property to ensure that it is not inappropriately developed by some future Town administration. The Parks & Open Space Authority will have the responsibility for maintenance and for the development of any walking trails that are created on the property. The Land Trust works closely with Parks & Open Space and it is likely that Land Trust members will volunteer to help with making the trails and maintaining the property, but the formal role of the Land Trust is only to provide an additional layer of protection of the property now and in the future.
Nicole Ball March 15, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Thanks for the additional information Bill. That should be pretty clear in the first story we published when you were kind enough to walk us through the property. Please see here: http://patch.com/A-qwVP


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