Recount Sees No Change in Election Outcome

Leone and Davis move on to Branford’s 2011 RTM.

Last night at 5 p.m., a group of 12 re-canvass election employees gathered in the basement of the to from last week’s election for districts 4 and 7.  Jessica Weller was the moderator for the recount.

According to state statute, if a race is decided by 20 votes or less or by less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the votes cast, the ballots can be recounted. In the case of fifth district RTM candidates Scott Thayer-D and Yvette Larrieu-D* the margin was 11 votes. Thayer, who was behind, waived his right to a recount and conceded his incumbent spot on the RTM.

Last night, in the 4th District, the recount was to determine a three-way race between Michael Leone-D, Robert Imperato-R and Paula Inglese-R. Leone, who was the only candidate to show up at the start of the vote count, said he wasn’t nervous about the recount. He was just 10 votes ahead of Imperato and 14 from Inglese. After the recount, said the votes did not change at all for the 4th. Leone will find his seat for the first time on the RTM next week.

In the 7th District, the recount did find several change of totals though nothing affected the outcome of results. Peter J. Anaclerio-R with 455 was 6 votes behind Mary E. Davis-D during the recount. Though his total vote count did not change after the recount, his opponent, Davis, who won the race last week, took on one more vote in the recount securing her spot on the RTM. Paul Muniz-D who also lost during last week’s election picked up 1 vote but this did not change his outcome either. Victorious RTM candidate Richard Greenalch, Jr.-R picked up 3 more votes as well.

During the election, there were a total of 386 aux/hand-counted votes for all seven districts though districts 2 and 4 had no hand counts at all. District 6 had the most hand counts with 77 for the democrats and 67 for the republicans. The lowest hand counts, apart from the two districts with 0, was the District 1 where each party had 9 votes hand-counted.

Kelly explained that votes are aux/hand-counted if a voter writes-in a candidate or over votes. 

Tuesday, Nov. 22, the official swearing-in of the RTM members will take place at the at 8 p.m. during a special meeting. The RTM Clerk and Moderator will also be appointed. The public is invited to attend.

*Bold denotes winner


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