Prosecutors Nearly Even With Defense on Peremptory Challenges

No jurors picked today for the Komisarjevsky trail at New Haven Superior Court.

No jurors were picked during jury selection Wednesday for the second Cheshire home invasion trial at New Haven Superior Court.

A source at the courthouse said the state used one peremptory challenge today, bringing the totals used by the defense and the prosecution nearly equal.

The source’s unofficial count said the defense has used 36 peremptory challenges and the prosecutors have used 35.

Both sides get 40 peremptory challenges which they can use to excuse jurors they believe might tend to favor the other side. Jury selection began on March 16, 

Joshua Komisarjevsky faces the death penalty for the murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters during a violent home invasion in 2007.

The attorneys have picked twelve regular jurors and six alternate jurors, but they still have to pick three backup alternates.

One of the alternates might have to be replaced, however. A woman from Wallingford who was picked as alternate number four on May 26 returned later in the day and asked to be excused.

She said she doubted she could be a fair and impartial juror after learning some gruesome details of the triple homicide.

Judge Jon C. Blue recalled her for more questioning on Thursday. He said if she still felt the same way he would excuse her.


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