Holiday House-Decorating Winners Announced!

Branford Parks & Recreation contest brings out the best in exterior decorating.

One of the best parts of the holiday season is driving around town seeing all of the wonderfully creative and festive house decorations. This year Branford's Park and Recreation Department launched its 3rd Annual Holiday House Decorating Contest. (Check out last year's coverage of the entries and winners, here!) 

The esteemed panel of judges, including Parks & Rec Assistant Director Dale Izzo and Department Program Coordinator Victor Amatori, were out in full force on Wednesday, Dec. 12, and Thursday, Dec. 14, to see what the dozen contenders had in store for them this year!

This year's participants included: 

The Brocketts: 4 Milo Drive

The Cowleses: 37 Milo Drive

The Hallys: 18 Wilford Avenue

The Oslers: 19 Berger Street

The Ponds: 155 North Ivy Street

The Stockwells: 25 Stannard Avenue

The Brammerses: 14 Oak Ridge Road

The Delucas: 15 Goldsmith Road

The Gentiles: 40 Averill Place

The Morawskis: 20 Beechwood Road

The Nelsons: 32 Milo Drive

The Valaouras: 12 Wellesly Drive

After much deliberation, the panel announced the following awards for 2012: 


The Gentiles


The Nelsons


The Valaouras 


The Cowleses


The DeLucas 


The Morawskis

What do the participants actually win? Well, winners get trophies and all decorators receive ribbons. But the best prize is bragging rights! 

Missed out on this year's contest? Look out next season for information to enter and take on the reigning champs. You have a few more days to get out and see these wonderful displays of the season. You won't want to miss them! 


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