Dog Overflow: Bad Economy Means Trouble for the Animal Shelter

Full to capacity, the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter needs your help to take a dog home.

Amidst preparing for the Animal Shelter’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the annual this Sunday, Shelter Director Laura Selvaggio Burban is now scrambling to figure out what to do with an over abundance of dogs.

“We need the public support to come in and adopt these dogs,” said Burban.

The shelter’s 17 kennels are full and Administrative Assistant Katy Prete said, “I even have a dog under my desk.”

Eleven dogs, Prete continued, have been abandoned in the last three weeks and the economy, she said, is to blame. The most recent case was a black lab mix who . A reader posted the news to Branford Patch this week and is still waiting for someone to claim the dog.

The shelter, which serves Branford and North Branford, has reported that the dogs are coming from both towns evenly. Recently three pit bulls – the most common dogs at the shelter – were picked up off of Totoket Road in North Branford. Prete said they were named Simon, Garfunkle and Carly.

Though pit bulls seems to be the most frequently abandoned dog, reported the shelter, there are a variety of breeds in need of homes. Most of the dogs are vaccinated and ready to go home now. “The majority of the dogs,” said Burban, “are good dogs that are left behind by the economy. If people have the availability and are capable of taking on another dog, we’d really appreciate it.”

Elliot, pictured, will be attending Animal Awareness day tomorrow with the intent of finding his forever home. You can meet some of the other dogs in need of homes at the event or stop by the Animal Shelter to fill out an application for the pet you connect with. You can also follow the shelter on Facebook to keep up with news and adoption opportunities.

K October 01, 2011 at 01:49 PM
"and the economy, she said, is to blame. The most recent case was a black lab mix who was found off Brushy Plains Road." Oh, I see. If the dog is found on Brushy P,lains road, it means it is a victim of bad economy. HUH?
Nicole Ball October 01, 2011 at 03:07 PM
K. Sorry if the paragraph was confusing to you. The most recent case of abandonment... and of the 11 abandoned dogs in three weeks, that was the most recent case. It really has nothing to do with the area, except that, that is the address of where the dog was found.
A. Sarand February 08, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Costs for adopting animals from shelters are high because the cost of upkeep for the animals. They still need their vaccines and heart worm and flea & tick medication every month. They need to eat. If you buy a new puppy from a breeder you're going to pay double to triple, sometimes more. Also, these dogs do see a vet when they get to the shelter to check for health issues and if they have health issues then that needs to be dealt with. All these things cost money. Money that the shelter makes by having the adoption fees. Sometimes those fees don't even cover half of what the dog needs. Shelters don't get enough money, in my opinion. The state/government doesn't give them as much as they should/need. That's why so many animals are put to death in shelters. There's no funding to keep these animals, no room and no one to adopt them. No amount of money is too much to rescue an animal from death.


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