Day Four: Storm Updates from Emergency Operation Center

A message from the town on the state and progress of power restoration and cleanup.

Last night, many in town received a voice message or e-mail from First Selectman Anthony "Unk" DaRos regarding the state of power restoration and cleanup efforts here in town.

Here are some important details:

  • Today the town will be picking up aid supplies for the MOST needy. Distribution information will be made available for those in most need based upon lists from the and the (those who normally receive service). Those with health needs and inability to travels to get supplies can call 203-315-0251 or 203-483-1297. People who can drive but still need assistance can go to the to receive cooked meals from noon to 7 p.m. daily.
  • Shelter and showers at
  • Showers at , which are open to the public. Bring towles and toiletries to both.
  • is open to 6 p.m. daily for of storm debris.
  • Food that since storm should be thrown out.
  • There is no swimming in Long Island Sound due to . Raw sewage spills are common after hurricanes and tropical storms.
  • Traffic Control: Per state law, every motorist is required to stop at every intersection with a disabled overhead signal.
  • has been identified in mosquitoes here in Branford. Prevent mosquito bites and eliminate outdoor standing water.

  • Fire Safety: Please be cautious when using candles. Make sure they are extinguished if unattended and before going to bed.
    Any propane devices for cooking should be used outside only. Make sure propane is turned off at the tank when not in
    use. The Fire Department cannot pump out your basement. We have three private numbers to call who can help: 800-
    233-8220, 800-486-4466 and 860-227-4210, others may be found in the phone book. Our paramedics are available 24-7,
    but if you have an emergency don’t delay getting help as it is safer to rescue and evacuate during daylight hours.
  • Info available at www.branfordpolice.com and at 203-315-3909; Sign-up for the town's emergency notification system, .


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