Connecticut Lawmakers Meeting to Close Budget Deficit

Longevity bonuses and hospital reimbursements are set to be cut, the Hartford Courant reports.

Connecticut legislators have been meeting in secret to negotiate a deal that would close the state's budget deficit, the Hartford Courant reports today.

Legislators will meet in Hartford today to vote on a deal that reportedly includes abandoning longevity bonuses for nonunionized state workers and cutting payments to the state's hospitals, the Courant reports.

The moves are intended to close a $365 million deficit estimated in this year's state budget and to head off a projected $1 billion deficit projected in the 2013 budget year.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy earlier this month put forth a $123 million “budget mitigation plan” that includes $4.7 million in cuts to some town programs. The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the main lobbying group for the state's towns, has questioned whether the governor had the authority to make those cuts.

Malloy has said the ongoing budget problems are a reflection of the country's economic woes. A recent report by the University of Connecticut indicates the state's economy will remain weak in 2013 but will begin to rebound the following year.

Richard Poulton December 20, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Sure lets cut programs for hospitals, cut Medicaid payments, cut various mental health programs, BUT don't cut that $550 million 9.4 mile bus line from New Britain to Hartford, BUT don't cut the states share of the 62 mile new high speed rail line, which by the way comes to about $142 million dollars. Don't cut those. Do these people we send to the legislature have a brain between their ears? This state is in serious financial trouble now, wait until Obamacare kicks in and see what happens just to Medicaid alone.


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