Branford Recreation Department Spelling Bee Winners Announced

Held on March 19th, the annual Spelling Bee at the Recreation Department is always a much anticipated event.

Recently, the sponsored its Annual Spelling Bee for students grade three to 12 as well as adults.  Thanks to Branford teachers/volunteers Jay Palluzzi, Judy Spaar and Scott Fonicello, who judged the contest, the following is the list of winners by grade:

Grade 3

1st Place - Michael Basseggio,

2nd Place - Austin Bui, Tisko School

3rd Place - Marissa Fusco,

Grade 4

1st Place - Remsen Welsh, Murphy School

2nd Place- Saura Malahiazar, Tisko School

3rd Place - Gia Douglas, Tisko School

Grades 5/6:

1st Place - Eunhee Lee, , grade 5, Team 1

2nd Place - Bridget Wirtz, Walsh Intermediate School, grade 5, Team 1

3rd Place - Allison Corey, Walsh Intermediate School, grade 6, team 1

Grades 7/8:

1st Place - Malenki Welsh, Home School

2nd Place - Abby Corey, Walsh Intermediate School, grade 7, Team 3


1st Place - Raymond Luhn

2nd Place - Lillian Sakai

3rd Place - Takako Yoshimuru

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the event!


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