Branford Animal Shelter Having Great Dog Adoption Success

We would like to thank the public and our volunteers for spreading the word about our wonderful dogs because many of them including one that was urgent have been adopted.

Press Release from Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

The staff at the  would like to share our joy with our community of having so many dog and cat adoptions recently. We had our breast cancer survivor, ten-year-old Sookie, the rat terrier, go to her forever home. We also had Lucy who was on Petfinder as urgent because she has been here for a year, go to her forever home as well. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the people who adopted our animals and to everyone who has spread the word about them to help them get adopted.

Besides the two of them we have had about four more dog adoptions recently and we have many pending. Also we have had many cat adoptions as well. Looks like we had a Thanksgiving miracle at the Branford Animal Shelter!

Still looking for his forever home is our wonderful  who is a . He likes to be around his people and would love to sit by the fire and keep you warm for the upcoming winter months. Come by the shelter and meet our "Ferdi" today.

About this column: Every week Laura Selvaggio Burban, Director of the DanCosgrove Animal Shelter, will give you the scoop on pets who need a home.


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