Public Works and CL&P Take Care of Uprooted Tree that Closed Montowese Street

John B. Sliney student Mark Hally remained on scene to photograph the event for Patch.

A potentially was adverted this past Tuesday when closed Montowese Street due to a falling tree.

Hanging in the powerlines just north of the Armory, a 60-foot, dead Norway Maple caused Branford authorities to take precaution, close the road, and remove the tree.

arrived to remove the dead tree, which according to Director Art Baker, was completely hallow with a severely rotted root system. The tree had become uprooted and began falling into the lines.

CL&P was able to cut the tree safely down while the road remained closed in both directions from Pine Orchard Road to Wilford Road for six hours. No one was injured during the incident.

Although Montowese street is state property in that area, could not be at the scene due to a paving job so the town handled the incident along with CL&P, said Baker.

Baker reports that the sidewalk was damaged during the removal of the tree and will need to be replaced; the town will do so although the road falls under state jurisdiction, he said. Baker added that this is not the first time a tree has uprooted like this.

Patch arrived to snap a few photos but third-grade student Mark Hally remained on scene to document the rest of the removal (within a safe distance from the action and with parent supervision). Enjoy his photos!


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