Pass a School Bus and Get a $465 Fine

Branford Police issued the following message via B-informed, reminding residents to drive carefully as students return to school tomorrow.

B-Informed Message, Branford Police Department, Aug. 28.

Branford schools will be , Wednesday, August 29th.
The  would like to remind all motorists to drive cautiously, carefully and within the speed limit on all public and private roadways to maintain the safetyand welfare of our school children and young adults.

Motorists are also reminded to exercise extra attention around all school buses. Drivers should be prepared to STOP for any flashing red overhead warning lights displayed on any school bus.Violators could face fines of $465 for their first offense.

In addition, Branford officers will be vigorously enforcing speed limits in school zones usingboth marked and unmarked traffic vehicles.


In addition, please go to our website at www.branfordpolice.com and follow the . There you will be able to tailor the information you would like to receive in the future and register different ways to be notified including cell phones, pagers and email address.


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