Is Graffiti On IGA Isolated Problem or Indicative of the State of Central Plaza?

One reader calls Patch’s attention to “inappropriate” graffiti on the empty IGA building and other vacant properties in the plaza. What should be done?

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By the time Patch had a chance to investigate one resident’s claim of “inappropriate” drawings on the vacant IGA building in Central Plaza at 280 Branford Road in North Branford, the graffiti seemed to have disappeared. The resident claimed “someone used window markers and drew some inappropriate things on the IGA and other buildings that are vacant.” Her concern, she stated: “I wouldn't want a child to see it and think it is ok.”

While we couldn’t find anything written with window marker on the front of the IGA, we did uncover racist, anti-semitic and pornographic graffiti spray-painted on the back of the building.

North Branford Police Officer Anthony Nucolo said an official complaint was never filed with the police so they were unaware of the graffiti being there. However, once a complaint is filed, he said police contact the property owner to clean the building. According to the town assessor’s field cards, the building is owned by JSMN Properties LLC out of New Jersey. (If you see graffiti call the NBPD at 203-484-2703.)

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In the past, Patch has asked you what IGA could become? Many of you voted for a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods but the reality is that more than half of Central Plaza is vacant at this time. Could one new business save the plaza? What do you think of the shape of Central Plaza? Is the graffiti a bad sign of more blight to come? 

In related news, many of you thought Central Plaza was one of the worst parking lots in town in last week’s Patch Chat and North Branford Town Council is now looking at a blight ordinance that is in draft form. Patch will update you on the ordinance soon as details are available.

What do you think of the shape of Central Plaza? Is the graffiti a bad sign of more blight to come? 


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