Daytime Robber Arrested for Rash of Burglaries Including Funeral Incidents

Yesterday's robbery suspect responsible for area daytime home robberies.

Tonight Branford residents signed up for the Police Department's B-Informed alert system received good news from Branford Police Chief John DeCarlo. A recorded message said: “I am calling with good news… the person responsible for the rash of recent burglaries including the funerals of Branford and North Branford has been arrested… there is no greater deterrent to crime than a mobilized and aware community. Thank you again for your alertness and assistance.”

The arrested suspect, Christopher Teneyck, 40, of Monticello Drive, Branford, was apprehended yesterday when on Pleasant Road in the Pine Orchard area of town. Police were alerted to the crime in progress by an . Today police were able to connect Teneyck to numerous burglaries in Branford and North Branford including the incident on Jan. 25 where Anthony Witkowski’s during as well as the home of a family who was attending their family member's funeral in North Branford.

Branford Police officers report they obtained and executed a search and seizure warrant for Teneyck’s home and automobile yesterday after he was captured. Detective Lieutenant William Carroll said that officers seized an abundance of personal effects including televisions, jewelry, money and other electronic items that were taken during the burglaries over the past several months as a result of the warrant’s execution. “We have had victims of the crimes identifying their stolen items all day,” Carroll continued, “including one in a pair of diamond earrings taken from the home of a family during a funeral service for their family member.”

Teneyck was charged with three counts of third degree burglary and three counts of third degree larceny He is being held on bonds totaling $450,000.



Kathi Kroll February 11, 2011 at 02:51 AM
Great job!..Carol Witkowski doesn't deserve this stress after just burying her husband a few weeks ago...a wonderful family...Thanks Branford Police! Kathi Kroll
carlo m February 18, 2011 at 01:14 AM
carole teneyck, christopher mother , doesn't deserve that, she is a hard working woman . i fell sorry for all the victims , and his mother is victim also, this affects her a lot.


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