Burglary Alert Issued for Residents of the Greens Condominiums

Branford Police warn residents of the Florence Road condos to be on the lookout.

This is a press release from the , first issued via .

Over the past month, there have been a number of thefts from residential condos in the Florence Road area where the Greens Condominiums are. Branford Police Captain Geoffrey Morgan said police are questioning one suspect at this time.

All of the incidents have occurred while the residence is unoccupied. The suspect has been able to access homes through unsecured entrances and windows or by manipulating poor or faulty door locking systems due to their age. Once inside, the suspect will remove small amounts of jewelry or other valuables and then exit the home. Many times the burglary and theft will go un-noticed for an extended period of time since the owner thinks the items may have been misplaced.

The Police Department is requesting your assistance by being vigilant in protecting your home and personal property. This includes making certain that all access points to your residence are locked with devices that are secure and well-maintained; upgrading door locks to include deadbolts is a great deterrent. Also keep all jewelry, valuables and money out of plain view of potential thieves either in a safe that can’t be easily removed from the home or personal hidings places.

In addition, please report any suspicious activity immediately to police. Dispatchers will request as much information as possible. Please try to report a precise location and detailed descriptions of suspicious people including gender, race and clothing and for vehicles include make, model, color and license plate numbers if possible.

Please report all activity to the police at 203-481-4241 or in an emergency by 911.

In addition, please go to our website at www.branfordpolice.com and follow the B-Informed link. There you will be able to tailor the information you would like to receive in the future and register different ways to be notified including cell phones, pagers and email address.

victoria verderame October 03, 2011 at 10:46 PM
As a greens resident, I'm a little concerned that this is the first I am hearing of it. Especially since there have been "several." I talked to some of my neighbors and they have no idea! I also wonder if the association is aware of this. I have to say I haven't seen any police in the area...so are we safe?
SolarPete October 04, 2011 at 02:25 PM
Sad so many folks still think Branford is safe Now that u have a train station u can get crooks from New Haven and beyond come knocking. Lock the doors and windows and keep the crooks from gaining enterance


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