Wedding Tip of the Week: Registering!

Tips for creating your wedding gift registry.

Newly betrothed? You are probably finding yourself being (nicely) bombarded with a slew of questions from your equally excited friends and family. Once you get past the first three big questions: ; ; ; the fourth is often: Have you registered yet?  While the other three may take a while to figure out (and possibly cause a little bit of stress) registering should 100 percent NOT be a stressful project.  Come on, this is the one time in your life you get to pick out your own gifts and tell people exactly what you want! It’s one of the most fun parts of being engaged!  Based on a few tips from The Knot, here are my most recommended tips that will have you zapping that registry gun in no time!

Register as a Couple

The gifts are for both of you after all! Registering together can be fun, especially if you plan the trip properly ahead of time.  The Knot suggests that “to decide what you need, take inventory of the things you already have and see where the gaps are. Talk about the style of home you'd both like to have and split up the final say (you could alternate items) to make it fair. (Maybe he gets to make final decisions on electronics, while you get to choose the kitchen stuff since you’re the chef.)”

Choose Items that you will Use

Think about how you actually live day-to-day and select items that you need (or would like to upgrade one) or are on your “dream” list.  Don’t feel obligated to register for the traditional blender or wok… unless you really want them and will use them!

Know the Store’s Return Policy

Chances are you might change your mind on a particular item, and chances are even better that you’ll receive a duplicate. (Yes, even in this day and age of electronic registries). Beware of return timeframes, re-stocking fees, or shipping fees for any returns.  Also make sure to note the length of any completion rewards programs to take advantage of extended discounts after the wedding.

Choose Items from all Price Points

Making sure that you choose items in all price ranges – from $50  to $200 and beyond is the best way to make sure your guests can choose gifts they can afford.  You should, however, register for one or two larger items as friends and family may want to all chip in to purchase a more expensive gift for you.

Think of your Guests and Where They Live

At least one (and preferably all) of your registries should be available online. Preferably, guests should also be able to choose a gift in store or over the phone.  

Keep an Eye on that List and Update Often

When a guest buys a gift for you, your registry should automatically update, allowing other guests to see what’s been purchased (and allowing you to see what’s on its way). Visit on a regular basis and update it with additional selections as products are purchased so that guests always have a variety of things to choose from.

A few other registering rules of thumb

Register for about two times the amount of items as guests.

It’s completely normal to check your registry… multiple times a day… especially as the big day draws closer. Just don’t let your guests know that you already know what they’ve gotten for you!

Check out registry events at stores such as Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, and Macy’s to get bonus rewards and free gifts. 

Remember the local guys!  Many smaller shops right in your town may offer registry services – included Page Hardware in Guilford who just launched a new registry.  Or check out NY local through the amazing online registry of Newly Wish which offers the most amazing shops and brands.

Newly married or engaged?  Share your news in the Announcements!

Author Erin Ethier is a shoreline CT resident who writes a daily wedding blog Sparkle & Hay: Inspirations for a Rustic Chic Wedding


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