‘We Do Not Let our Kids Poop on the Trail and Not Clean it Up’

One Branford resident has beef with dog owners who let their dogs run willy-nilly all over the Supply Pond trails. Thoughts? We know you’ve got ‘em.

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Branford resident Donna King is publically taking issue with dog owners who she thinks don’t take responsibility for their pets while using the Supply Pond trails. “A group of moms get together every week to go on [a] hike at the ponds.  We run into the same issues every single week,” she wrote in an e-mail to Patch:

1. A kid or an adult falls/steps into poo – this is very disgusting and frustrating!

2. Dogs running full speed at the kids, which can be very scary for a child and an adult. These dogs are right at their face level.

3. Dog owners not taking responsibility for their dogs when they let them run loose.

4. Leaving bags of poop all throughout the trail.

King shared a recent experience that finally prompted her to contact Patch:

"My son, 5-week-old daughter, and I went hiking there a couple of weeks ago.  A dog came charging at us barking. I don't know if this dog is friendly or not.  So I start yelling for the owner of the yellow golden to please come get their dog. Nothing. No one came. The dog then proceeded to jump on my 2-year-old son as he screamed in terror. Me holding my newborn (screaming) trying to pick up my screaming 2 year old as I am still yelling for this owner to show him/herself.  She finally comes to claim the dog and says how nice her dog is and how she would not hurt a fly. She did not apologize or take the dog away. She kept trying to convince me how nice her dog was. Mind you, I was still holding the screaming newborn and toddler.  And then we had to end our hike early since he [toddler] fell into a nice pile of poop, face first!  This is not uncommon, this happen almost every week.”

King said she doesn’t let her kids poop on the trails so she’s not sure why dog owners allow it. She’s concerned that dog owners act as though they own the Supply Pond.

The park is managed by the Branford Parks & Open Space Commission and they are familiar with stories like King’s. Back in March, Patch contacted Ainsley Highman of Branford's Parks & Open Space Committee inquiring if a trash receptacle would be placed in the park for owners to deposit pet wast? At the time, he said the committee was looking into it. The reason the receptacles were removed in the past, was vandalism he stated. 

Officially, dogs are permitted on the trails and the committee suggests that owners use a leash, but there are no leash laws for the Supply Pond trails. 

What are your thoughts? Do you have issues using the trails? 

Lauren O October 08, 2012 at 10:01 PM
This past summer I stepped in a pile of poop there and my son did on another occasion. We have a dog who we keep leashed when we walk there, and we always pick up our poop. It stinks to carry it, but that is the responsibility of a dog owner. I wish that they had cans at the entrance. It might encourage others to carry their poop out. The Supply Ponds are a wonderful resource in our community and we need to make sure that everyone can enjoy them. I think that it should stay open to dogs, but on a leash is my preference. Thanks for bringing this up, Donna.
Nichole Penner October 08, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Excellent points Donna! It terrifies me when these dogs run at my children, especially because they are face level with them! It isn't fair to those of us walking the trail to have strange dogs charging at us. Additionally, it is inconsiderate to leave poop as well as the bags of poop on the trail; I wouldn't leave a dirty diaper sitting on the trail!
Justine October 09, 2012 at 01:27 AM
I agree Donna , we as a family walk with our dog thru the supply ponds and I'm always shocked at the amount if dogs unleashed and poop left behind! I hate when a dog dashes to us trying to greet our dog ( who's leashed) And I haven't a clue if he is going to attack or what since it usually takes several minutes for owners to catch up. As a dog owner please leash your dogs, it is frightening to those with small children regardless if your dog is " friendly" J (
SolarPete October 09, 2012 at 01:07 PM
List of rules no free running dogs and place poo buckets along the trail or bury a trash can in the ground on different parts of the trail with holes in it also place kitty litter near by to cover up smell let earth worn=ms do their thing and turn it into mulch
Nancy Hirsch October 09, 2012 at 01:30 PM
I can never understand why, if someone's dog poops on the trail, their person can't pick up any stick and flick it into the woods. It is totally irresponsible to not know where your dog is and what they're doing if off leash. Why on earth people pick up the poop in bags and leave it there is beyond me. I heard there has been vandalism with trash cans but I know there are ways to secure them so that can't happen. If they can spend money on gravel for trails and cutting fallen trees there must be something in the budget for trash cans.


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