Space Satellite Incoming; REM Disbands; Vonnegut Banned

Reports from around the bend.

The Sky is Falling

The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is still uncontrollably descending to Earth, due to strong solar activity.

The current prediction of where its debris will land is “most of the planet.” We won't know until about two hundred hours before impact, at which point, I'm sure someone will say “head's up!” since that seems to be the only warning NASA will be able to put out. You can argue the odds and the irregular size of the debris and “well, you're more likely to...” but the fact of the matter is we're under attack daily from normal heavenly debris. Now we have to contend with our own creations coming home to roost.

Bear on the Loose

An 800lb stuffed bear was stolen from the second story of a bar in Uniontown, PA.

It's a drunken prank, but the video has some gems worth viewing. There are scratch marks on the floor “from being dragged” but maybe the bear didn't want to go and was trying to stay where it wanted to. Also, the bear looks eerily happy and when they first show a picture of the bear surrounded by patrons – you can see everyone's faces. Later in the video, the same picture has all the faces blurred out, as though we couldn't possibly travel back in time without contorting the space time continuum. Or by hitting rewind.

The End As We Know It

REM breaks up after over 30 years together.

I mean, I guess you thought they'd always be around, but I assumed they'd already hung up their hats. Thanks for the music and not still touring with walkers.

Deadly Hug

A Taliban suicide bomber killed a top Afghanistan official (engaged in peace talks) with a hug.

He had a bomb in his turban. I mean... who hates peace that much that they'd blow up their own head while killing someone else? Just... wow.

Are We Still Censoring?

A school in Missouri has finally lifted a ban on two forbidden books, one of which is Slaughterhouse Five.

First, it's bizarre that books are still banned. Second, a parent or guardian has to check out the book for the student. Three, how will anybody ever learn, grow, think, be imaginative and thoughtful about the world in which one lives if they're not allowed to read? Especially Vonnegut.


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