Message in a Bottle; Illegal Toe Sucking; and Dinosaur Birds

Reports from around the bend.

Not so Impressive Message

A message in a bottle thrown into the sea by a young Japanese girl was found by a Navy Petty Officer in Hawaii.This story would be more impressive if that bottle, which contained the girl's elementary school class photo, had been adrift for longer than five years.

The girl who tossed the bottle in, told the press that she was most excited to reconnect with her old classmates. They have Facebook in Japan, right? Also, it would be more romantic if it wasn't found on the beach trash clean-up duty.

He's Like a Machine... Wait He Is a Machine

A tiny, toy-sized robot will be attempting the Hawaiian Ironman Triathalon, using three different “bodies” or attachments for each specialized portion of the race.

The developers and minds behind this experiment are concerned about the “hardships” the robot will face during this grueling event. Like getting stepped on?

What's the Cost of Being Gross?

A man is being pursued by Arkansas police for illegal toe sucking.

I wonder what the fine for that is?

Man Bests Computer

Gamers in the US cracked a protein's structure spatial puzzle that's been hindering AIDS researchers for years.

Scientists wanted to see if the intuitive spatial skills humans have would succeed where computer models have failed. Which they did. That should keep the world-dominating killer robots at bay for a little while, while they eat humble pi (3.14...get it?).

Birds of Feather

Specialized dinosaur feathers have been found in amber showing signs that the feathers were used for diving underwater versus flying.

If anyone is unconvinced that dinosaurs turned into birds, take a good look at swans. Demons with teeth that hiss. Sounds like a terrible lizard to me.


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