If You See Something Say Something

One Branford resident notices a suspicious minivan in his driveway and shares the news with Branford Patch. What would you do?

If you see something you’d like to discuss with your neighbors, e-mail nicole.ball@patch.com.

This past Wednesday morning, Branford resident Erik Barone said he and his wife noticed a suspicious van pull up their long driveway off Leetes Island Road. Two men in the van told Barone’s wife they thought they were on a private road before turning around and pulling away.

Were these men potential criminals? Barone said he couldn’t be sure so he decided to notify the Branford Police and to let Branford Patch readers know on Facebook. He wrote the following:

"Hi patch readers word of caution at a little after 8am this morning we had a dark blue Chrysler/Dodge mini van with 2 suspicious men in it come all the way up our 400ft driveway on Leetes Island Rd. My wife who was just about to leave for work said they claimed they thought they were on a private road. Which would be trespassing already! By the time I made out to the garage they had already turned around and were heading out. Luckily we got the plate and reported it to BPD. With all the break-ins over the last couple of years I thought it best to mention it on the Patch. Remember: "See Something Say Something."

More than 30 readers “Liked” Barone’s post on Facebook and were grateful that he notified readers.

Branford Police are still working on the rash of burglaries on Meadow Circle Road – a horseshoe road off of Windmill Hill Road. The burglaries took place in early September and just days after the incident Police identified a suspect but have not made an arrest yet. Patch will update you soon as information is available.

If you feel you are in an emergency, residents should always call 911 immediately. To report suspicious activity, call the Branford Police at 203-481-4241. To keep looped into the Branford Police notifications when suspicious activity is found in town and your neighborhood, sign-up for their B-Informed emergency notification system.

What would you do if you saw something suspicious? Are you more weary of burglary happening in Branford these days than in years past?


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