Conversations This Week About Underage Drinking, Books, Breakfast and Soup

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A recent survey of Branford students by the gets parents thinking about communicating more with their kids about drugs and alcohol use.

commented: “I would like to thank the Branford Coalition To Prevent Underage Drinking for their continued mission of getting the message out to our residents… Having two teenage children (drivers) ages 16 (junior at BHS) & 18 (freshman at CCSU) it is a constant dialogue in our home. As a parent none of us can ever say never because it can happen to any one of us. As Ann Marie mentioned we need to be vigilant in our quest of communication with our children…”

This innocent story about the 60-year-running Kinney basketball tournament probably brought about some of the most interesting dialogue this week.

Alex Palluzzi challenged an old friend Wayne Cooke to some friendly competition. It’s important to note that these two guys are nearly in a tie every week for most comments on Branford Patch!

wrote: “I have fond memories of Wayne playing in the tournament as well at BHS & also in the Rec. Dept.'s Men's Basketball League in the 60's & 70's. I think it is time for Wayne to lace his sneakers up again and challenge me to a game of P-A-T-C-H at the Community House Joe Trapasso Gymnasium sometime during the tournament which runs through Sunday, March 27…”

responded: “OK, Alex...tell you what... how about a slam dunk contest on the 8-foot hoops? Still have that 4-inch vertical?”

Stay tuned to see if they agree to the contest!

Our daily video series, asked five library patrons what they liked best about the library. One Branford resident said he reads more than 250 books a year!

said: “For someone who reads as much as he does– 250 books a year is some feat– it would be interesting to know what Mr. Dempsey's favorite book is.”

Tired of the same ol’ chicken noodle soup?

said, “"caludron colored stomach warmer" = outstanding verbage!! ...cool fact about bay leaves, I use them all the time... I didn't know about the medicinal usage ...you mean to say I don’t actually eat something healthy, lol!”

Where is your favorite place to have breakfast?

said, “ has the BEST breakfast burritos... many different varieties including egg whites w/veggies(my favorite) for those trying to maintain a healthy diet!”

said, “…I recommend the , especially when it gets warmer and you can sit on the deck overlooking Stony Creek Harbor and the Thimbles. I recommend their "HEC" (Ham, Egg and Cheese on a cibatta roll) if in doubt.”

said, “Let's not forget , downtown Branford. The girls there serve up some fine omelets, and pancakes with a smile!”

said, “Scotty's is the place! They have no problem with special orders and joke and laugh and the open counter harkens back to diners where counter-mates knew each other's name and developed relationships. My mom loves their butterscotch pancakes.”

BHS Senior and lead was featured in the twice-weekly column "."

said, “Congrats Shan! Yeah for our neighbor Shannon Hughes!”



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