And Then There Were Seven...

With the addition of Max the puppy to our family, the seven of us all had to adjust to life together.

We knew there would be worked involved when we –the housetraining, crate-training, obedience training–and we wanted to make sure everyone was involved. 

, everyone was very excited to help out and do their part. Of course, the kids loved playing with him (as long as he was doing what they wanted him to!) and it surprised me how much they have helped with the rest as well. 

My four-year-old has taken on the job of feeding the dog and now does so without even being asked. She measures his food, tells him to go in his crate and gives him his bowl. It really surprised me how quickly he learned to listen to her–but to him, she is the keeper of the food!

Every morning after my six-year-old is all ready for school, he takes the time to play with Max. He'll play fetch, which Max is surprisingly good at, and work on 'Sit' with him. 

Our oldest, who's 10, has taken the dog out on a number of occasions and even picked up his poop, too. 

And of course, then there's the baby. He's almost one. He and Max get along great. Silas likes to babble to Max and climb on him and Max loves Silas because Silas throws food when he eats so Max can gobble up Cheerios and little bits of cheese. That has certainly turned out to be a great perk to having a dog–he's like a little vacuum under the table! 

I mentioned before that Max was fostered by a woman named Kate in Arkansas and she was so good to him that he was crate-trained when he got here and well on his way to being house-trained.

Though Max has had a couple accidents in the house, they have been few and far between lately so I think we're well on our way to a fully house-trained pup. 

We've been working on walking on the leash and we will probably enroll him in a dog obedience class soon to make sure he's learning all the right doggy manners. 

Kim M November 20, 2011 at 12:51 PM
Jenn, he is absolutely adorable. Good luck with him. :-)
Jenn McCulloch November 20, 2011 at 06:10 PM
Thanks so much! we are absolutely loving him!


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