Where in Branford?

A few blades of grass poke through.

These resilient blades of grass stick through the space between boards. But where are they growing? And who will be the first to correctly guess, as I gradually increase the difficulty here at Where in Branford? (Patch readers solved last week's puzzle even faster than the week before - sigh. But I will find a photo to stump you with during my time as guest editor!)

About this column: • Open to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia who are 18 and older. • To enter leave an answer in the comment section of this article. • All entries must be received by end of the day of the publish date of the contest, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. • You may enter as many times as you want. • [One or two if a tie occurs] winners will be selected in a random drawing. • One $5 gift card or equal value prize from a local business. • Click Here for complete Official Rules.

JBanana June 05, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Supply Pond
Lourdes Irizarry June 05, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Young's Pond!
Alana Joli Abbott June 05, 2012 at 06:53 PM
I was going to guess Davis's deck, but I think JBanana's got it right. :)
Tom Grantland June 05, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Trolley trail Stony Creek
Tom Grantland June 05, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Not sure where my guess went to ,but I had said Trolley trail ,Stony Creek
Mona Scales June 05, 2012 at 08:30 PM
"The Dikes" near the old trolley path in Stony Creek?
Davis Dunavin June 06, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Lourdes wins! It is in fact the foot bridge at Young's Pond. But good guesses all! (But I definitely see where you got the trolley trail, Tom and Mona.)
Steve from SAAC June 06, 2012 at 12:36 PM
I believe that foot bridge was built via a Troop 421 (which is, or at least used to be, based at Trinity Church on the Green) Boy Scout's Eagle Project, several years back. A good number of good things in our town come about thru Boy Scout projects (Eagle or otherwise). Support your local Boy Scouts!


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