Salty or Sweet?

When you crave a snack, do you prefer something salty, sweet or a combo of both?

Debbie’s Daily Dose of Food for Thought

Most of us experience a slump at some point in the day and need a snack to get going again. Some people like salty things such as chips, pretzels or peanuts. Others have to eat something sweet. Still others start with one and end with the other. According to Dr. Nemechek, we crave salty or sweet foods, “because your brain needs more blood flow.” Here are some interesting facts about the snack foods we crave and how to handle them.

Favorite Snacking Foods

When it comes to salty snacks, one of American’s favorite salty treats is potato chips. Did you know they were first created at a Saratoga Springs New York resort in 1853? We also reach for tortilla chips, pretzels, popcorn and salted nuts. As for sweets, we tend to like cookies, donuts, cakes, ice cream, chocolate and candy. Visit www.lifeintheusa.com/food/snackfoods.htm for more about our favorite snacks.

Why Do These Foods Seem to Help?

Blood flow to the brain increases when we eat carbohydrates and salt so you feel more energized for a little while.

Healthy Alternatives to Satisfy the Cravings

To satisfy the cravings for salt some suggestions are pickles or pickled vegetables, organic tortilla chips and salsa, a serving of organic cheese and salted edamame. For sugar cravings, try fresh fruit, sliced apples and nut butter or organic dark chocolate or carob chips. Click here for more.

How to Break the Cycle and Possibly Lose Some Unwanted Weight

Snacking can lead to excess weight for some people. If you need to curb your cravings, Readers Digest Version Health offers 10 tips for doing so. The first is to avoid known triggers, which are usually the foods you want to eat. The second is to “destroy temptation” by getting rid of the desired food. Visit this site to learn more.


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