Readers Discuss Problem Intersections, Town Meetings, Local History and Honor Someone Old and Someone Young

It was a busy week for Branford Patch readers; here’s what you all said….

Monday afternoon a pedestrian was struck at the intersection of Pine Orchard Road and Montowese Street. The victim was transported to Yale-New Haven hospital with minor to moderate injuries and the driver was issued a ticket.

said, “Like many intersections governed by a flashing light and stop signs, this one is usually smooth; people approach and figure "who's next?" before making their move, but the times that I've had to drive through there make me anxious that someone won't think it's my turn and go ahead of me. A regular traffic light with pedestrian crossing option might be the way to go here.”

Our featuring the cast and crew of Branford High School’s brought praise for Stage Manager Alex Acunzo.

said, “I can not tell you how many times the Student Costume Team says "Somebody find Alex" when we need something. We count on him all the time and he has always come through for us. He is a great assest to our production team. And a nice person besides!”

The town Board of Selectmen Meeting on Wednesday brought discussion regarding town legal matters.

said, “So the one selectman's meeting I miss (but just watched) and the first selectman NOW says there IS a Halloran Report. From "the report will be on my desk tomorrow" a year ago; to "I misspoke, there is no report" two months ago; to "the attorneys have the report, but are keeping it" yesterday. Question... If you lie about lying, are you telling the truth?”

In response to our weekly Family Talk column, this reader suggested a kid-friendly dining spot.

shared: “SBC...kids color their place mat, you get a coupon sent in the mail and kids eat FREE next time. Great food & service! We go at least once a week!”

Every two weeks, to columnist who queries leads from readers. Here’s a taste of what people are saying about the old stone structures at .

offered this: “I am in contact with a descendant of Alden Young (who donated the Young's Pond property to the Town) who does not live in CT anymore. They informed me the following:  "This is just a snap of the upper cabin, I think. There were two. Both recreational things. From my early days, the upper was pretty much gone. The lower, at the SW end of the pond, was a 3-sided structure, opening up onto a large fireplace. We would have family picnics there. There was a massive toboggan slide around the area of the upper cabin. It was iced over in winter…””

Branford High School athlete Kyle Nolan, who was also in attendance at this week’s where a , was honored for his triumphs.

commented, “Kyle Nolan is a tremendous role model for our youth of today as an outstanding student/athlete and most importantly as a courageous young man… We look forward to many more years of watching Kyle excel in the classroom and in athletics… I have two favorite memories of Kyle: During football on a 4th and goal from the 18 with no time left on the clock in the 1st half and he threw a missile for a touchdown in between four defenders and in basketball my son Dylan feeding him an alley oop for a dunk earlier in the season!”

Last weekend, the Orchard House recognized Nell Kinney for a life of intrigue; she was a WWII bride who was married dressed in a parachute. Her legacy in Branford is respected by many.

offered: “Mrs. Kinney and my Mom raised their children in Branford at the same time… I remembered the stories of the WWII war bride with the 12 children. Years later my own children went through the Branford School System with the Kinney offspring....I recently had the good fortunate to spend some time with Mrs. Kinny; she remembered my Mom and we had a few hours of " remember when's…”



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