VIDEO: P! News Heads to the Epicenter of Occupy Wall Street

We asked protestors, “What will it take to get you out of the park?”

It’s hard to sum up the scene in Zuccotti Park where the Occupy Wall Street movement has reached its thirty-first day of occupation. Part of it is educational; there’s a library for people to check out books and frequent mic-check lectures held on the park steps (a mic check is when a speaker talks and the crowd echoes the words so more people can hear). Part of the scene is that of a developing microcosm of a city; there are groups in charge of accommodations, food and media relations. The park is fairly clean the dwellers seem well-fed and happy. Of all the people we interviewed, only one mentioned that the close proximity of people in the 33,000-square-foot park, could be the undoing of the group.

So why are the occupiers on Wall Street? Why has the movement made its mark and and extended beyond Wall Street attaining global presence? On Sunday, Oct. 16, P! News hosted by Branford's own at Marymount Manhattan, asked the protesters to put down their signs for a few minutes and tell us, “What will it take to get you out of the park and what does the occupation mean to you?”

The Branford chapter of Occupy Wall Street . The next will take place in the Branford Green on Oct. 22.

Branford's own Ryan Bloomquist is interviewed at the end of this video, by Branford's Greg Nobile, host of P! News!

Leesan Villa October 17, 2011 at 06:00 PM
Best reporting Greg - the best I've seen yet!!!
Leesan Villa October 17, 2011 at 06:00 PM
I meant to say great reporting Greg!!!
Bill Fasula October 17, 2011 at 07:11 PM
It's amazing how uninformed these protesters are. One request that one of the protesters had was since the banks got a bailout, she wanted her student loans forgiven. Well that shows how ignorant these people are, because the bank bailouts were loans, the same as her student loans. The difference is the banks paid the loans back, unlike her.


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