Lila Is Home Safe and Sound

Lila, a black lab from Branford who escaped more than two weeks ago, was found safe on Monday night!


Remember ? She is now back at home thanks to the help of several alert Branford residents.

Christine Main Baughman posted the following on Branford Patch's Facebook page on Monday night: "Lila - the black lab lost in Leetes Island Rd 2 weeks ago was found tonight. She is happy and healthy. They will both sleep well tonight!!!"

Lila's owner, Valerie Boragina, said she doesn't use computers and had never heard of Patch, but after hearing about Lila, Guilford Patch editor Lauren Lanzon contacted Boragina for information about Lila.

Since posting the original story on Jan. 9, Boragina said she received several phone calls with sighting of Lila, including at the Tabor property last Sunday. But, by the time she got to Tabor, there was no sign of Lila. 


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On Monday night, Boragina got a phone call from a man in Stony Creek, who lives near the cemetery, who had seen Lila and left food out for her when she wouldn't let him approach her.

"I don't drive and the nice lady who had been looking for Lila for two weeks picked me up and brought me there," said Boragina. "It was snowing, freezing and dark. I called and called at the top of my lungs. At first she didn't come because there were other people there. I was almost ready to give up when she appeared at the edge of the cemetery."

While Lila had a cut and what appears to be a bite – she went to the vet on Tuesday afternoon to get checked out – she was thrilled to be home. And Boragina wasn't the only one who was happy to have Lila back – her other dog was excited, too. 

"When we pulled up and Lila saw our house, she ran so fast that she nearly knocked me over in the snow and then the dogs were so happy to see each other that they were jumping around," said Boragina. "I am just so happy – we had a bad snowstorm last week, she's been all over Branford. I just want to thank everyone so much for helping me get my dog back."


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