Get Out: Visit Mystic Aquarium for Penguin Awareness Day

Jan. 20 is Penguin Awareness Day. Move your happy feet down I-95 and thank them for being the wondrous creatures they are!


What better way to celebrate icy cold January than with your favorite Arctic bird?

Penguin Awareness Day is Sunday, Jan. 20 — so bundle up your kids and take them to the Mystic Aquarium to learn more about penguins, a native bird from Antarctica. This is a great opportunity to get everyone out of the house and see penguins in action.

Penguin Awareness Day became a holiday in order to raise awareness to the fact that these flightless birds are on the endangered species list

Other ways to celebrate this holiday include:

  • Dressing like a penguin (those tuxedos are cute!)
  • Donating to Non-Profit Organizations that Help Penguins
  • Adopt a Penguin
  • Educate yourself about penguins and share what you learn with family and friends
  • Watch a Penguin Movie, which are free to check out from the Gales Ferry Library and the Bill Library.
  • Read a book about Penguins, which are plentiful at the libraries.
  • Indulge in Penguin Desserts you can make at home or designate one from Felicia's Sweetface Pastry Shoppe. Felicia is glad to customize deserts in the case or make one especially for you!
  • Eat like a penguin by ordering sashimi from your favorite sushi restaurant.

TELL US: How will you celebrate this fun holiday in town?


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