Branford Blizzard Update: Feb. 12

Branford schools remain closed as road clearing continues; town buildings are open; safety tips and more.


The following is the Town of Branford's blizzard update from Feb. 12, which includes the cancellation of schools tomorrow, Feb. 13. As stated in Superintendent Hamlet Hernandez's letter earlier, this is the last allotted day before days are removed from April vacation.

The Public Works Dept. continues to work diligently to clear all roads and have made significant progress today and will continue their efforts this evening. Please be aware that as the roads are widened, snow from the plow will be deposited back into the end of your driveway, this is not intentional but, is unavoidable. Please do not shovel or throw snow into the street as it creates significant traffic hazards. Due to the large piles of snow at intersections please use extreme caution when pulling out of the intersections. Please do not let children play in or on the snow piles, equipment operators cannot see them and therefore can be extremely dangerous.

We are also asking for your assistance, if you have a fire hydrant on or next to your property please clear the snow so it could be located quickly in the event of an emergency.

Septic Pumpouts / Fuel Deliveries
Please be advised that if you are scheduled for a septic pump out or oil delivery it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the companies can access your tanks.

The Superintendent of Schools has announced that school will be cancelled on Wednesday 2/13/2013.

Trash Pick-up
All collections this week will be suspended until next Tuesday. The Transfer Station will be open Wednesday for regular hours.

Parking Bans
We are still requesting all residents voluntarily avoid parking vehicles in the roadway. If you must park in the roadway parking is allowed only on the odd side of the street. Violators could face up to a $90 fine and have their vehicle towed at their expense.

Town Buildings
All town buildings and departments are open as normal.

Buildings and Structures
Those homeowners that have flat roofs should pay attention to ensure that the weight from snow and any additional snow doesn’t compromise the roof. If you hear any abnormal noises from your roofs and ceilings please call 911.

Please visit the town’s website at www.branford-ct.gov and www.branfordpolice.com for other storm related information.


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Alicia Mullen February 13, 2013 at 12:31 AM
Blah blah blah!!! Ok, plow our driveways in cause you can't avoid it and don't park in the street when you can't get up your driveway, and yeah don't throw any snow on the road!! Ok, I'll do that while I dig out my driveway again and my mailbox!! Where would this town like me to put the snow??? Really!? How about do your job!! I'm sick of PW lying and complaining and asking us to help!! We've done 90% of your job already!! Pay me!! Oh wait, we pay you!! For what?? This is a joke! Gotta love that they take a holiday today for Lincoln's birthday!! Really!!? Why bother with school? Today was half a day, and next week they have Monday and Tuesday off!! Great job Branford!! Taxpayer money well spent!!
Hugh g Rection February 13, 2013 at 03:04 AM
maybe you should rewrite the PW's job description. since you've got it all figured out. example: lets hire 100 part time workers with 30 pieces of equipment for a situation that comes around 6 times a century. yup that'll be cost effective to dig out your driveway and precious mail box? in times like this as americans you've forgotten that we all work as a team. the bulk of the PW workers are branford taxpayers also, or maybe you didn't realize that? in the last day or so i've seen nothing but praise for our plow drivers, maybe you should jump on the bandwagon. and while you're at it, grab a bloody shovel.
SolarPete February 13, 2013 at 01:29 PM
I'm from a different planet and I do remember clearing out access to the driveway only to watch the towns trucks fill it back in. At what cost so I can go back out and clear it again and how many times do folks need to repeat this? Yet in other parts of the towns folks are banding together and clearing their streets because they have not seen a plow, guessing their streets are not important. When u have your leader stating all roads will be clear by sundown and seems he has no problem getting to town from Stony Creek guess his place gets plowed first. Somethng is wrong here. U saw it coming and funny how I remember the plows would be out all night trying t keep the roads clear so they wouldn't have to deal with 3 feet or snow. As for where to stash the snow why not truck it into lakes,and ponds, yet u toss it in the river and bays only to lower the salt content in the sound which in turn caues the water to get warmer faster. Why not just replenish the fresh water supply u are slowly running out of with free snow but then I am from another planet cause you all don't think before u say something One thing that puzzles me is why the town is telling home owners to clear sidewalks around they property yet the snow plows tossed another 6 feet on top of them


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