The Cork Shop: Branford’s Most Beloved

Hundreds of votes and stars given to your favorite wine and spirits shops in town. Salute!

We can tell you one thing: the people in Branford . More than 300 votes were cast for your favorite local wine and spirits shop in this week’s Readers' Choice poll. And you didn’t stop with votes... more than 20 readers reviewed various businesses giving mroe than 75 stars to their favorite places.

In the end, combining reviews and votes, takes the crown as Branford’s Readers’ Choice this week with 41 percent of the vote, more than 5 reviews and 23 stars; was a very close second with 32 percent of the vote,  more than 7 reviews and 28 stars. The third most beloved store was shop, which earned 12 percent of the vote and more than 1 review and 1 star.

Although voting has ended for this week’s poll, we encourage you to keep loving your local businesses and head over to the Patch Business Directory to rate and review your favorite place anytime.

Want to know what local businesses have earned already spot in the Branford Readers’ Choice hall of fame? Check out past winners now.

And because you are the expert, without further ado, here’s what you have to say about your favorite places to purchase wine and spirits:


"Good friendly service with a large selection of wine and beer." – 

"Love this store, highly recommend this store. Service outstanding!" –  

"Great service, very knowledgeable. Won't shop anywhere else!" – 

"Love this store, highly recommend this store." – 

"Superb service, wide range of great wines and beer, easy parking -- the only place to shop for quality service and product and fair prices without a doubt!" – 

"While echoing all the other good reviews I would add that they also play the best music of any store in the area!" – 

"Great people , great vibe, excellent stae min pricing. I have to believe the person who posted "over priced" might be mixing up package stores. Branford wine and Liquor is located in Khols plaza. RT 1 "wine and Liquor" changed thier name from RT 1 package store to Wine and Liquor which can be confusing.." – 

"The owners are knowledgeable about every product. The store is clean and the atmosphere is friendly and open. Great prices compared to surrounding stores, and from experience their beer is the coldest!!!!!" – 

"Locally Owned , very important to me.. Excellent customer service, which i havent seen else where .. Definitly at state min with any products Ive purchased. No package store is 100% state min. People have to make a living and the state gets most of what they make. The service and the store is extremely clean and special orders are never a problem. any complaints would be shocking and Im truly just a local customer." – 

"Over priced, above the already inflated CT miniumum." – 

"Wonderful people who know their craft." – 

"Smart and tasty advice. A great selection. Alison and Stephan will blow your mind with selections you had no idea were even an option. This place is a gem!" – 

"Unfortunately I have to rate this as one star. I have not seen the redo of the store and hope things have changed. I was a loyal patron and will not go back for simple customer 101 things. For instance whenever I walked in the store in the front entrance area was a "pit" so to call it where the managers hung and never acknowledged at least my existence. When returning bottles they would look at you waiting and the only thought to me would be it was under them to do that. It was seen as it was a annoying to bring in your returns you purchased from them. Last the beer was never very cold. Hope they are doing better." – 

"Awesome:)" – 

"Great Store! The only place we shop...." – 

"Wonderful owners." – 

"Always friendly, great service, good prices." – 

"If you've never been, stop by & peruse the extensive wine selection, and wonderful Beers.........Chris and Ben are very knowledgeable, and posses the true small town mentality "let us help you".........".can I carry it out to the car for you", "do you need delivery", "tell us how we can help",,,,,,,,,,speaking of helping When Thea is in house, you'll think you’ve been friends for years!!! Just a great store owned by a Great Family!!!" – 


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