Shoreline Café and Lynn's Restaurant, a Bite Above The Rest

It wasn’t an easy competition to say the least, but based on your votes and comments, Shoreline Café and Lynn's Restaurant tie for the the best deli in town.

We knew our weekly Reader’s Choice poll would be popular with a topic like but we had no idea how close the race would be! Separated by just a few percentage points, and  were the clear winners of this week's Reader's Choice poll. While Shoreline Cafe had a few more votes in our poll, Lynn's recieved more comments, evening up the score. 

, clearly the favored Italian sandwich joint, took the initial lead but by mid-week, pulled ahead with readers noting they loved the catering offerings and the sandwiches. During the first half of the week, also received some serious love.

Then, when we assumed Shoreline Cafe was the clear winner, came from behind and remained just a handful votes behind the top contender.

So a big thank you to all 580-plus voters who not only cast a ballot, but who also told us why you love to patronize your favorite deli in town; below are your comments. We also received some great reviews of the businesses, which you can add anytime. Just click on one of the listed delis below to rate and review the business.

Our Reader’s Choice 2012 has been really fun since it launched a few weeks ago and we now have a homepage for all past contestants and winners so check it out if you’re wondering about best pre-school, bank, pub and more. 

Next week we’ll be looking to you to rate the best place to get your taxes done!

Jersey Mike's, where else can you get a Giant sub made to order? Watch and learn deli's!

P and M!!

jersey mikes make an awesome club sub...but i have to go with the hornets nest. the hornets nest has great service, great food and great location!

I hope this poll doesnt hurt feelings around town or start feuds between the delis. 
I hit up Dino´s (Hornets Nest) for a Fiesta wrap or the bangin sweet potato french fries. Hornets Nest = Sportscenter + Breakfast sandwich as well. 
But for anything Italian-esque, P&M is home. 
Proud to have both in town...

Omg! Lynns deli has the best chicken cutlets and grilled chicken ceasar. Not to mention everything else. Wherher your on a diet like weight watcher or paleo diet or you are famished for an overstuffed sub or italian dish, lynns is sure to please you!

Hornet's Nest is by far the best! Great selection of sandwiches and they don't skimp on the meat (hint, hint to other deli's nominated). Breakfast is great too!

Palmas deli is the one and only best deli in Branford they have the best meat and free pickles with their sandwiches. They always pack the food in tight in their sandwiches. It really is the best in town.

Shoreline Cafe!

P & M has been the best for years

I am partial to Shoreline. They have always been fast and friendly. And if I wanted to sit and eat, they would bring me my order. Great service! All the delis in Branford are pretty good, but Shoreline gets my vote.

Please add Harbor Street Market to your list. Paul will cater to any of your needs. Great food.
Patch apologizes for forgetting to add Harbor Street to the poll until Thursday.  

Have been to many catered event's by Lynn's Deli. Always top notch. Excellent service and delicious food!!


  • Dolce Deli (Formerly )


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