Creating a Community for Local Business

Sound Network Group help to develop and grow business on the Shoreline

The importance of sustainable local business is known to many. But it is organizations like the Sound Network Group that create a dynamic environment for local businesses to grow and develop. 

The (or SNG) was the idea of local realtor Susan Mullane when she couldn't find a networking group that didn't already have a realtor. Her vision was to create a group that only featured one representative of each industry.

Just a few years later, SNG is a sought-after group of more than 18 professionals from across the shoreline.  Shannon Beth Engravalle, a marketer and owner of SB Cre8tive in Branford, said her goal is to continue to grow membership of this diverse and unique group. Don't expect long board meetings and stiff wine and cheese events from this bunch. Rather look for them out and about at town events, playing games at their weekly meetings, or hosting an open house at a member's business. 

"Everyone loves what they do. They are so passionate," explains Shannon about how SNG created a culture like no other networking group. "It was when we started getting together outside of meetings and spending more social time together when we started to really become a family. That only flourished what was happening at our meetings. Everybody contributes and everyone helps each other. We are a community."

The group takes opportunities to get to know each member so they can best support and advocate for fellow members out in the community. It's only through Pop Up Business Showcases, Q and A's, and plenty of games and prizes that members are able to learn the ins and outs of someone's business as well as the fact that they love 70's rock music. 

The next chapter of SNG's journey will include business education. "A lot of our members have suffered from this tough economy. We are interested in bringing in speakers so we can arm ourselves the best we can for what is coming next."

Additionally, the group is looking forward to raising money for scholarships and creating more Business Open Houses.  SNG is always looking for passionate local business people to join there group. For more information visit them online at soundnetworkgroup.com.


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