Branford Business Spotlight: Stony Creek Brewery

The shoreline beer company will be opening a new brewery with a tasting room in Branford. "The goal is not just to serve beer, it's to serve our community."

Branford will soon be home to the Stony Creek Beer Company's new brewery.
Branford will soon be home to the Stony Creek Beer Company's new brewery.

The following is a press release from the Stony Creek Brewery.

What has long been abandoned (vacant) waterfront property will soon become a burgeoning business, a brewery, with a unique goal.

Locally owned and operated, Stony Creek intends not just to brew great beer, but to be a part of a better Branford.

"This isn't just where we work, it's where we live", says owner Ed Crowley, a longtime Branford resident, pointing out that almost everyone involved in the project is from the shoreline town.

"The goal is not just to serve beer, it's to serve our community. Our motto is simple, Great Beer, From Great People, For Great People.”

Beyond pale ales, pilsners and an array of other beers Stony Creek is about people and tapping in to the 'local flavor' is clearly priority one.

Even before the first brick is laid, this is evident in the planning. 

This rendering, by a local architect, lays the foundation for a mixed-use gathering place that goes above and beyond brewing great beer.

  • A 2,500 sq. ft. tasting room will provide menus from nearby restaurants illustrating that Stony Creek intends to compliment local businesses, not compete with them.
  • The scenic second floor 'celebration' room overlooks the Branford waterfront at its best, turning meetings into memories and parties.
  • With an eye for the environment, bike racks and air pumps invite shoreline bicyclists to brake in Branford along with electric charging stations welcome the eco-friendly to recharge their cars.
  • Runners and road race organizers will be encouraged to use the 150 car parking lot to gather before... and after.
  • Ground breaking is expected to begin early this year.

The Stony Creek Beer Company is owned by Stony Creek Brewery, LLC, is a member of both the Brewers Association and the Connecticut Craft Beer Guild and is excited to be distributed through Dichello Distributors, Inc., Hartford Distributors, Inc., Levine Distributing, Inc. and now through Rhode Island Distributing. 

For more information on Stony Creek Beer Company, call Manuel Rodriguez at 203/684-3150, email him at manuel@stonycreekbeer.com, see them on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/StonyCreekBeer or visit the Stony Creek Beer Company website at www.stonycreekbeer.com.


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