Three Homes Sold On Ivy Street

Branford real estate transactions, Dec. 20-Jan. 9.

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73 Windmill Hill Road MEV Limited Partnership, acting Jason B. and Gerald B. Vincent to Michael and Megan Carnaroli for $201,000 on Dec. 21.

40 Thimble Island Farms Road, Lot 9 Anthony Papa to Philip W. Ryan for $800,000 on Dec. 22.

Greens Condominiums, Unit 121 Federal Home Load Mortgage Corporation acting by Bendett & McHugh P.C. to Thomas W. Hulk for $107,000 on Dec. 22.

Montoya Condominiums, Cherry Hill Road, CSC Montoya Limited Partnership to CSC Montoya Apartments LLC for $10 on Dec. 27.

Montoya Condominiums, Units 7, 42, 52, 56, 62, 65, 71, 74, 76, 83, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 94, 96, 97, 98, & 206, Cherry Hill Road CSC Montoya Limited Partnership to CSC Montoya Apartments LLC for $10 on Dec. 27.

46 Gould Lane, Lot 2 Donmar Builders LLC Lewis A. Jr. and Suzanne M. Deluca for $439,922 on Dec. 28.

Shore Drive Virginia Lambert to Gerald Mastrangelo for $450,000 on Dec. 29.

78 Ivy Street Edward A. and Maria A. Jackowicz to Michael and Rebecca Gilman for $237,500 on Dec. 29.

99 Ivy Street Philip Jr., Peter and Joseph Travisano, Annette Barbetti, Joann Kligerman and Stephen St. John to Haresh Nariyani for $226,000 on Dec. 30.

30 East Main Street John N. and Francis M. Gwinnell to Kenneth and Maria Breitenstein for $231,500 on Jan. 3.

36 Sunset Hill Drive Lynn Schott Lisa K. Driscoll and Andrew Campbell for $480,000 on Jan. 3.

4 Old Hickory Lane, Lot 5 Linda M. Craig to Allan C. Craig for $1 on Jan. 3.

Watch Hill Condominiums, Unit 29 Joshua Fine to Kimberly Iacovetti for $208,000 on Jan. 4.

21 Driscoll Road Royalty Inc., acting by Marshall Taylor to Frederick N. and Geraldine D. Annunziata for $168,000 on Jan. 4.

61 Piscitello Drive, Lot 10 Jennifer Ciarleglio to Ricardo Trejo and Lisa Blumenthal for $445,000 on Jan. 6.

7 Jourdan Road Vincent and Mary Ann Borrelli to Jennifer Ciarleglio for $370,000 on Jan. 9.

132 Ivy Street DiNello Property Management LLC to Premiere Realty Holdings, II LLC  for $450,000 on Jan. 9. 


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