Dominic Abbatiello Races Toward Success

This six-year-old go-kart driver is off to the races with three second-place finishes already under his belt.

Whiz Kid's Name: Dominic Abbatiello
Racing Nickname: Dominator
Whiz Kid’s Age/School: 6,
Whiz Kid's Accomplishment: Out of four Kid Karts racing at Nutmeg Karting in Berlin, Dominic came in second three weeks in a row!
Whiz Kid's Key to Awesomeness: Dominic comes from a racing family with Mom’s family racing at Plainville Stadium in the ‘70s and Dad racing at Waterford Speedbowl in the 1990s. He grew up watching Nascar and by the time he was two, he couldn’t wait to watch the race on Sundays.

Dominic started driving at age three–a Powerwheels Jeep!–and after seeing the Nutmeg Karts racing at the Berlin Fairgrounds, he told his mom he wanted to race one. His mom got herself a go-kart when he was four and after realizing the seat moved up, he got his chance to drive on their home’s track.

“We held onto the roll cage but let him go after three laps and he did great,” said his mom, Donna.

This year, his parents got him a racing go-kart for the track in Berlin. Dominic wanted No. 20 on his go-kart in honor of , the NASCAR driver for Home Depot from Middletown. He began practicing on April 28. He was apprehensive about racing, but his mom convinced him to try and he did great. The next day, he took second place in his first-ever race.

“He can't wait until June 3 when we race again,” said Donna. “Dominic tried something that he always wanted to do and he learned a lesson– not to give up and to at least try something once.”

Donna Abbatiello June 04, 2012 at 11:11 AM
Dominic did great yesterday, still running in 2nd place, but feature was rained out... Next race is end of the month....
Jenn McCulloch June 04, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Awesome! thanks for the update Donna and good luck to Dominic in the next race!


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