Can You Help Shovel Off the Bubble?

The Connecticut Sportsplex took its bubble down in anticipation of the blizzard, but now they need to remove the snow to get it back up. Can you help?


Since the blizzard hit Connecticut on Friday, Anthony Candelora has been a busy man. As North Branford's mayor, he has been working with town officials; as a resident with a plow, he has been helping those in need dig out; and as a business owner, he has been dealing with the insane amounts of snow.

As the blizzard blew into town on Friday, Candelora and his family were taking the preventative measure of taking down the "bubble" at the Connecticut Sportsplex. If you've ever been up to the Sportsplex, you'll notice it sure does look different without the big white dome inflated (see photo).

"We just shut off the blower, open the doors and let it come down," he said, noting there's a backup natural gas generator in case of power outages. "It came down pretty quick with all the weight on it."

This is only the third time in 16 years they have had to deflate the dome. However, with taking down the bubble comes putting it back up – and of course, a thick layer of snow is getting in the way.

"We'd love to get some volunteers to come down with plastic shovels to help us clear it off so we can get it back up," said Candelora.

Candelora said he hopes to have the bubble back up by Thursday at the latest in order to resume activities as soon as possible, but it all depends on how fast the snow can be removed. 

"Any help we could get get would be appreciated," he said. "Once we're back in order, we'll announce a thank you party on Patch with laser tag or Cybersport to show our appreciation."


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